join me for one night only…

i have been wanting to create a special, healing sound event that incorporates “chant: the human and the holy,” along side my new album, “god’s work” and a few of my hits that fit the vibe… and, it’s happening, live, for the first time, EVER!

this is not just a concert, but a unique, emotional journey, full of surprises, connection, audience participation and unforgettable moments in collaboration with the incredible candlelight concerts. i’m playing, experimenting and seeing what new experiences we can dream up.

so, if you’re in LA on aug 4 or get the itch to fly in and join us, it’s sure to be a beautiful night!

tickets are available here.

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  • Please consider holding one of your candlelight events in a more centralized and SAFER spot! Love your website and chants album! I’ve been a fan sincec”Blue” was released. You’re an amazing human being! Thank you for all that you do. Sending this with love, prayers and positive vibes!

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