Celebrate YOU and the New Leo Moon

How often do you celebrate yourself? Do you celebrate your accomplishments, big and small? I know personally, I have a habit of not fully taking in my successes. I go through the excitement and appreciation, but quickly move through it, not fully welcoming in the experience and allowing it to penetrate my body and soul. I find myself living more in the future, on to the next project or challenge, instead of being fully present for myself and experiencing the joy and fulfillment the moment has to offer.

On the topic of success, please know, I am incredibly grateful for the success that I have had, EXTREMELY THANKFUL for it all. I once heard someone say that “there is no such destination called Arrival, USA, that we are constantly on “the journey.” And I know this journey I’m on, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally is far from over.

My intuition and instincts tell me I am still holding myself back from an even bolder experience of life and I think I’ve stumbled upon one of the reasons why. You know, they say you attract more of what you appreciate and without fully taking in my successes, I feel like I’ve cut myself off a bit from the fullness of what the universe really would like for me to experience and enjoy and in return being able to give even more back to others.

So, with today’s arrival of the new moon, I have decided to get creative and create a ritual for myself to celebrate me! The new moon in Leo brings just the right energy to compliment this ritual. Read more about it here. I’d love for you to join me in celebrating YOU and all the glorious things you have accomplished.

I think it’s about time we really take in all of our accomplishments and successes, mind body and soul and with tremendous gratitude, clear the way to fully receive.


New moon ritual…

1. Sit quietly, close your eyes and take a few breaths. Really tune into your body and the present moment, through the hypnotic rhythm of your breath.

2. Write down all of your successes, things you’re proud you’ve overcome, successes in your business, in your marriage, your family life.

3. Sit with what you’ve written, read it and truly take in all that YOU have accomplished in your life. Close your eyes and do some more slow, deep breathing, allowing whatever feelings to arise and really feel the joy and great appreciation for yourself, your journey.

4. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes and celebrate! What does celebration mean to you? Maybe it’s a long bath, a glass of wine, dancing to one of your favorite songs, or my personal favorite, barefoot cartwheels in the backyard.

5. After you’ve celebrated with your body, go back to your sacred space, sit quietly and take a few deep breaths, asking yourself what you want to call in for this new moon cycle? Are there goals you want to set, things you want to manifest? Keep it to no more than 10 things and write them down on a piece of paper. Read my friend, Ashley Neese’s blog on new moon manifestation here.

6. Meditate on your list for 10-15 min, breathing deeply and focusing on each item with the intention of fully feeling in your body what it will feel like when you receive what you are manifesting. The more we can feel it with our entire body, the more likely it is to manifest…Law Of Attraction.

7. Close your ritual out with a prayer of gratitude


Happy New Leo Moon my beautiful friends!



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  • Such Meaningful and Beautiful Words and Thoughts, LeLe !!! .. You are an Inspiration !!! … When I’m feeling down, I listen to Your Music, and/or Watch Your Videos. Even just by Logging On to Your Twitter, or Instagram, or Your SoulOfEverLe Blog, makes me feel better. I am Forever Grateful to You, LeLe !!! … I Love You To MARS and BACK !!! 🙂 <3 XO

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