Celebrating the Joys of Stepmotherhood

I adore my stepsons.

I LovE their simplicity, their innocence and their light.

A light I don’t want anyone or anything to ever dim.

I LovE watching their connection with their dad and how affectionate they are with him.

I giggle when they ask him to carry them to bed, even though they’ve both become way too big for him to lug around easily.

I LovE their crazy humor, their rambunctiousness, even when in my eyes it’s not “the proper time” for it.

I LovE how they aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind and feel free enough with me to allow me to experience all of their being.

I LovE how they push my buttons and with that, reveal to me parts of myself in need of healing.

I LovE their hugs and hearing “I LovE you Le” out of the blue.

I LovE their drawings and art, their creativity.

I LovE how they each march to the beat of their own drummer and how the music they hear is of the same genre, but different grooves.

I LovE watching them excel at what they LovE.

Watching them grow and learn, watching their minds and hearts expand.

I’m honored that they expanded their hearts to LovE me.

I LovE every single ounce of them.

I LovE their dad. I LovE our family.

I LovE what they bring out of me.

Because of them, I know my capacity for LovE is boundless.

I LovE every glorious and messy moment of being a stepmom.

My heart and world are forever expanded. What a life altering LovE.


Happy Stepmom’s Day to all my fellow Stepmammas!



  • A life altering LovE…. what true, authentic and beautiful wording to describe all of motherhood. It’s not DNA that makes you a parent but the love in your heart for the kids in your care. Thanks for this post. When all parents put the kids first — blessings flow.

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