Chalk Talk

Happy Monday glorious souls. Still yourself and listen. Ask your heart what is wanting to be born from it, what it’s wanting to say, to create. These intimate conversations with your heart birth magic into the world… YOUR MAGIC! Your own personal magic that only you can bring into this world. Until we become intimate with the whisperings of the heart we will be stumbling, wandering on and off our souls true path. These whispers may not even make sense at first, but as we follow them and act upon them, we will know they are our truth from how alive they make us feel. The heart knows the way, YOUR WAY, so let it lead. What magic is wanting to come alive through you?! I LovE you 💕

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  • Hi Le,

    I have wanted to respond to this but I need emojis, pictures, drawing of what is in my brain. 🙂 When I read this, I think of souls whispering to each other and laughing. Whispering going on between two people’s souls and inner soul’s head shaking yes, no, yes… creating whatever they are seeking. I have so much more to say on this, but sadly cannot put into words. It’s a great saying and speaks a lot to me. I know this may not make sense, but hope it does. XO always!!

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