Full Moon Prayer 

Every full moon, we have a chance to let go what no longer serves us. The full moon and lunar eclipse on Aug. 7th supplies us with great potency for deep release. I LovE to write a full moon prayer with the intention of what I am wanting to let go. Feel free to join me in this prayer, or write your own.


I let go the bitterness and blame

wrong and right

unworthiness and shame

guilt and scarcity


I let go old ways of thinking

pain that burrows in my body

perfection and striving

judgement and competition


I let go of past generations mistakes

my old loves

the facade that’s become too heavy to hold up

anything that’s dulling the shine of my magnificence


I let go the supposed to’s

shoulds and shouldn’ts

rules that no longer apply

unrealistic expectations


I let go the tight grip

control and distrust

faithlessness and doubt

the weightiness of anger


I. Just. Let. Go.





  • This is great i need this right now. 😊 so how does it work i light a candle and write it and burn whats bugging me? And then say the prayer?

  • Great prayer. Such realness.

    Yes, it’s our human nature that can be so destructive. It’s a constant battle of the flesh and the things of this world. It’s against our true nature, our spirit. Our soul.

    “For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.” James 3:16

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