May I Light The Way With LovE

“May I light the way with LovE.” During my heartbroken prayers this week, I found myself repeating this from the depths of my heart. As tears ran down my face, I knew I meant this with every ounce of me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the “how.” How do I help? When something such as deeply rooted hatred seems to be so insurmountable, it can feel like anything any of us try to do will never be enough. I also know this is a diversion of the ego and a way of keeping us from our soul’s work. To do such deep work here on Earth, there’s only one place to begin and that is with ourselves, preparing ourselves to be an instrument of LovE and peace through prayer, meditation and taking a long, hard look at our own pain, so that it may be healed. We must cleanse ourselves of old hurt, pain we are carrying for others, passed down through unconscious generations. We must create space within to be worked through. If we find stillness and keep asking the questions we will be given the answers, this I believe and this I know.


I read a prayer from “A Course In Miracles” and never has the prayer been so in need of praying “Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say and to whom?”


If we keep our intention set on being a light of LovE in the world, we will be given the places and situations in which to shine it brightly to light the way for others, but we have to show up for it, right in the moment, in the trenches of debilitating fear, in the face of hatred. We have to be willing to listen and act and do so with peace in our hearts. I know we will be given the words, the wisdom, the guts, we will be lead.


When we ask these questions and connect with Divine will, we might not understand the directions, like what we hear, or maybe what we are being asked to do because it might rub right up against our greatest fears. We have no more time for fear my friends.


In my own practice, I am opening myself up to listen, acting on my intuition and jumping right in the fire of fear. I know I will do it imperfectly, but I know I must show up! We all must start showing up. Showing up for ourselves, showing up for one another and allowing it to be one messy, creative, empathetic mess of greatness.


We all are a giant ball of pure LovE and light just waiting to hear the call and open ourselves to be used to uplift our world. So, what talks are you having with God today? What are you asking to be shown? Are you listening? Are you willing to not only hear the messages, but to act?





  • One early morning, right in the middle of my sleep, I unconsciously sat straight up in bed and said to myself “how can I help”, in that same moment I looked at the clock and it was 2:22a.m. I don’t exactly know what that was about but I wrote it down in my prayer journal, it was on 8/31. I take note of these things. But yes I know what you mean. The how do I help question. It seems to now haunt my subconscious 😏

  • I recently purchased “A Course in Miracles”, thank you for the recommendation!!! I look forward to your comments. I hope your experience will be as fabulous as mine!!

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