8 ways to show yourself some LovE this October

October is one of the best months of the year. Autumn is in full swing, summoning us to let fall away what no longer serves us, preparing us for the colder, winter months. As the weather outside gets crisper, it’s a perfect time to really warm ourselves with a generous amount of self care. SOE has gathered 8 of our favorite ways to show yourself some LovE this month. Welcome October! Welcome Self LovE!


Salt Scrub

This Chai Pear Salt Scrub is a great way to slough off the old and welcome soft, supple skin and it smells heavenly. I love creating my own scrubs at home. You know exactly what’s going into them and you can personally infuse them with intention and LovE. When you’re creating your scrub, think of an intention you want to set. Keeping in line with the season, maybe it’s something you are wanting to release. When using your scrub, take some deep belly breaths, think of your intention and imagine you are releasing whatever it is as you scrub and rinse your body. Hopefully, you feel a little lighter, a sense of renewal and fully immersed in the delicious scents of Fall.



Detox Bath-

October is a perfect time for a little detox bath to clear us of any old energy that’s no longer serving us or isn’t even ours. Really treat yourself to a good 20-30 min soak.

SOE Detox Bath

1 lb Episome Salt

1 lb Baking Soda

1 lb Sea Salt

1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

And a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Some of our favorites are Doterra Cardamom, Wild Orange and Frankincense.


Bring On The Joy-

Part of a great self care routine is creating moments in our days for FUN! October serves up ample opportunities for us to let the kid in us come out and play. Get outside! The Fall weather is calling you.


Get lost in a CORN MAZE


Hit up a PUMPKIN PATCH and gather some pumpkins for your home





Warm, Hearty Food– 

The cooler weather lends itself to hearty, comfort dishes, but it doesn’t mean they have to be full of unhealthy ingredients to satisfy your craving. This White Lentil Risotto with Mushrooms is the perfect dish to warm your soul. Trust us, it’s insanely delicious and the mushrooms are a great immunity booster.



Golden Turmeric Milk

A great way to wind down your evening is a warm mug of turmeric milk. Our favorite is Gaia “Golden Milk.” Just mix with your favorite warm nut milk and your good to go! Turmeric serves as a great immunity booster, a digestive aid, liver tonic, blood purifier amongst many other healthy benefits.


Immunity Booster

Lopo-Spheric Vitamin C is A MUST for the cold and flu season. A daily dose will help prevent illness and keep your immune system in top shape. This specific brand uses Liposomal Encapsulation Technology that’s designed to help your body absorb more Vitamin C. Vitamin C can also help assist with muscle repair and, as a powerful antioxidant, helps protect cells from harmful free radicals. Remember, we must put our own oxygen mask on before assisting anyone else. Make your health a top priority with the changing of the season.



Breathing is something we instinctively do, but are we really utilizing our breath to the fullest? Breath is the easiest and fastest way to tune into our bodies, relieve stress, nourish our cells and tune into the present moment. Breathwork is the ultimate self care routine. Our favorite teacher, Ashley Neese has 3 great stress relief breathwork practices right here! Do yourself a favor and dig into them all…at least one daily for just a few minutes. Honestly, it will change your life!


En-joy your October my LovEs!



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