Power Of Aroma

I am obsessed with intoxicating fragrances. My appreciation for the power of aroma has permeated my life so deeply that I created a small candle closet in our home that houses my 50-75 candles that are just waiting to be experienced. Incense envelopes our home from the moment we awake. As soon as our friends walk into our home their first comment is “it smells so good in here.” I have a specific scent I whip out for Spring, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to create a full sensory experience attached to our fondest memories. There’s just something about the perfect fragrance that sets the tone for a beautiful evening and can shift your mood instantly.

Last Christmas, I was gifted what has become our families favorite incense  Higher Mind Incense “Northwest” incense cones. Two cones away from running out I was searching high and low to find out where to get more. I found them, instagrammed about them, suggested them here on the SOE blog and hit it off with the creator of this unique and one of a kind product, Evan.  Not only is their product in a league of its own, so is their soulful approach. Using only the highest quality botanicals, they are able to offer a medicinal and deeply soul enlightening aromatic experience grounded in ancient tradition.

Discovering that Higher Mind Incense offered a course through their “Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine” on the ancient teachings of plant smoke, aromatherapy, the spiritual uses of aromatic plants and various ancient aromatic teachings around the world peaked my curiosity. I’m at a place in my life where I am desiring to discover different methods of healing and this seemed like the next addition to my ever expanding toolbox. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but what I do know is this course came at the perfect time on my spiritual, healing journey. I am currently deepening my connection with my heart, to my seat of creation and that is exactly where Evan’s passionate, soothing voice and teachings have invited me to experience on a deeper sensory level. This course touches your heart and leads you on a journey of deepening your intuition while greatly informing you of the ancient teachings of

Ko-doh, which translates to “the way of incense.”

Whether you are a perfumer, wanting to expand your knowledge of the healing properties of plants, deepen your connection to your heart and intuition or want to add more tools to your self healing toolbox, THIS COURSE IS A MUST for an incredibly expansive journey. I can’t wait to continue to share my experience as I go along over the next few months, but if it’s anything like my joyful, intoxicating adventure with the first module, I know within 3 months, I am going to have a whole new higher appreciation and a bigger obsession with botanicals, ancient rituals and aromas that can lead to an even deeper connection with my higher self. I greatly appreciate the integrity, excellence and accessibility of Higher Mind Incense and The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine. I hope you all will seriously consider joining me on this journey.




  • Ms. Rimes – This is a wonderful blog. I deeply appreciate your taking time to write about Higher Mind Incense. You see, Evan is our son and we are so proud of him and his maturity, knowledge and strength. It’s easy to agree with your words, but more importantly, it affirms the work my wife Paula and I have done to raise him as well as our abilities allowed. He is his own man yet still he’s our boy.
    Thank you and bless you

    • I was more than happy to share what I appreciate about your son and his company. You guys did well! 😊 Sending you LovE

  • This is fantastic! Evan is my cousin and I am so proud of his endeavors in the healing world. And I love your passion for deepening your connection with your higher self! Blessed be!

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