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Lonerwolf is all about soul work and the journey of spiritual awakening. I find really inspiring, soul stirring articles here. Check it out! See if it speaks to you like it does to me.


Naturopathica Honey Vanilla Lip Balm

I am totally obsessed with this organic lip balm! It’s nourishing, nutrient-packed and smells heavenly. It’s great for keeping the lips 100% kissable as we move into cooler, dryer weather.



“10 % Happier” podcast and app

I recently did an interview with Dan Harris on his 10% Happier podcast. We talked all things meditation, lovingkindness and about my soul journey. He’s a fantastic interview! I was incredibly intrigued by him and enjoyed our conversation so much that I subscribed to his podcast and downloaded the 10% Happier meditation app that he created, along with many world renowned mediation teachers, such as one of my favorites, Sharon Salzberg. I highly recommend them both and if you don’t know Dan’s story, which is very interesting, pick up his book, also titled, you guessed it “10% Happier.”




Kiss My Face Sport Quick Dry Spray Deodorant

It has taken me FOREVER to find a aluminum free deodorant that actually works. This is hands down my favorite. It smells fresh, dries in seconds and doesn’t have the harmful stuff we don’t want to be putting into our bodies.


Energy Muse Crystal Test

I adore my girls over at Energy Muse and they have come up with a great, new crystal test on their website that leads you to exactly the crystals your soul is needing at the moment. Head over to to check it out and don’t overthink it. Go with your first, gut instinct. My results were right on!





Guru Singh’s Good Morning Prayer

Guru Singh is a third-generation yogi and spiritual teacher. I stumbled upon him and his teachings the other day on Instagram and after some research, I discovered that you could sign up to receive his “morning prayer” in your inbox every morning. I am LOVING IT! It brings peace and great contemplation to my mornings. His spirit is beautiful and infectious.



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  • Thanks for these suggestions. It’s always interesting seeing other spiritual perspectives and ideas, and learning useful information from people’s insights and journey. The Lonerwolf site is unexpectedly enlightening. Especially about twin flames. Good shares! Thanks.

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