Welcome To Soul Of EverLe

I’m so excited to welcome you to “Soul Of EverLe.”  I hope you enjoy this space inhabited with authenticity, spirit, LovE, creativity, joy, curiosity and healing. We will be live VERY soon, so make sure you fill in the form below to start your subscription to “Soul Of EverLe.”



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  • I look forward to reading your blog, so brave of you to do this, good for you !

  • SO excited for this! I signed up. Looking forward to supporting you on this new, creative and soulful journey, Le. Sending you lots of love -B

  • What an inspirational idea! Can’t wait to hear your point of view! I’m so proud of the woman you became Le. Really. I have been a fan since I first heard your voice many many moons ago and I’m inspired greatly by the way you have lived and changed and evolved and I love he you continue to grow beautifully. Plus I’m gay and I love the speech you did not too long ago on equality.

    You got my heart!

  • So, I’m the Lucky One to Post the FIRST COMMENT !!! … I am so excited to see what is install for the future of your New Blog, LeLe! ….. There’s not much I can say about what I think, except that we have been friends on Twitter for several years now, and I know that this New Venture will be a Success ‘ForEver Le’ ….. HaHaHa! Pun Intended! … I feel privileged and honored to know you, and I am So Looking Forward to Meeting You In Person when You come to Australia! …
    .. Lots of Love ForEver … from Neville (@Nevie_John on Twitter) ….. <3 XO

  • Thank you for sharing yourself as I know so many will benefit and relate. I am looking forward to what you have in store for us! 🙂

    • Thanks Nancy! I’m really excited to connect with everyone on a new level. xoxo

  • I’m really looking forward to the launch of such an unique blog. I read your interview in MindBodyGreen, your comments about your Mom really hit home. Yes, each generation is being raised with a different set of tools. And each obstacle can be overcame with a new set of tools. Thank you for what you have shared and what you will share with your followers.

    • Thank you Sharon. I’m happy you connected with my story. Hope you find much more to connect with on EverLe as we grow. xoxo

  • #chalktalk has really helped me grow as a person, looking forward to some more tools from this blog!

  • I’m so excited about this blog! You’re such an inspiration, and I’m so grateful for you opening up and sharing these parts of your life. Your recent performance in D.C. was so raw, real, and simply incredible. Sending much love and support your way!

  • I love the photograph here! I’m so excited to see where this leads us. I have always looked up to you and I love your music. It’s so refreshing to find someone who is as honest and transparent as you are, not just a pretty face or a mesmerizing voice, but a genuine spirit who yearns for love. God bless you, LeAnn Rimes!

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