World Psoriasis Day

Yesterday was World Psoriasis Day and to raise awareness about a condition that affects over 8 million Americans alone, I partnered with the National Psoriasis Foundation, Alo Yoga and my beautiful friend, Jade Alectra to host a yoga and wellness event at Alo Yoga in LA. It was also streamed live on my YouTube channel, so if you didn’t get the chance to join us, you can still go do yoga with us anytime, as it will remain up there. 

Psoriasis has been a challenge for me since I was first diagnosed when I was 2 years old. It is something that I have spent most of my life hiding from others, at times, wanting to make myself as small and invisible as possible. Oh, the irony that I have been so visible and exposed in the public eye my whole life, but felt the urge to hide because of my skin… it has made for a wild war that rages inside of me, a war that has begun to cease over the past several years as I have done much internal work around loving all the pieces of me. It’s been over 10 years now since I first spoke out about my experience and struggles with Psoriasis. Each time I publicly shared my journey I began chipping away at the armor I had so artfully crafted around my heart to keep me “safe.” Yesterday was no exception. Another layer of pain was brought to light and shared with others who know the difficulties of living with Psoriasis all too well. I chanted it out, cried it out and healed another layer of shame and pain within, all through the alchemic power of connection. If you are wrestling with shame, pain, illness… whatever it may be, use your voice to heal. Share with others your journey and your in the moment experience. The healing is in the connection, the vulnerability, the truth. The more we hide, the more shame and dis-ease builds within. You are worthy just as you are! You are LovEd. Thank you to all who helped bring awareness to Psoriasis yesterday and who shared their light with me. We all healed a little bit more together and for that, I am forever grateful.


  • Thank you for sharing so many pieces of yourself with us. I was unofficially diagnosed with Psoriasis earlier this year and that compounded the already existing issues of body image. My brother has it much worse than I do. You are such a positive and sweet person and have a light that shines very bright! Thank you for being exactly who you are!! Love you!

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