12 Days Of Christmas Questions

Thank you for opening your hearts and staying connected with me through Soul Of EverLe during 2018! I would LovE to hear from you and answer your end of year questions. We’ll be counting down the 12 Days Of Christmas with 12 question from YOU. Leave your questions below and I’ll be answering them on IGTV from this Wednesday! LovE you all ❤️


  • As you get older you typically so learn to shine your own light!! Not to let others dim it!! Those that are a positive light in your life will only continue to help you shine!! Those that do the opposite do not deserve your time or consideration ;-). I love that you have embraced ‘family’ in your life, and made that your priority for the time being.

    Do you have any plans in the near future for a new album?? What was your main purpose in starting this website/blog?? Was it to be able to connect with your fans, or just people in general?? I think that ‘ordinary’ people like myself have a certain idea in our heads as to how ‘celebrities’ live day in and day out, what is a ‘typical’ day for you??

    Keep shining your own light LeAnne, I see it as being pretty bright!! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year filled with love, laughter, health, wealth, and happiness!! xoxo 🙂

  • Light is found within. You have to search and dig til the light basically burst out (fight for it). I had to come to a realization myself of what my light within entailed because I went through moments in my life where I believed I was worthless, not important and had nothing to offer the world. I was lead to believe this through other people’s opinions. I was bullied in my past and drug down to a very dark place. I literally had to dig my way out of the dark Until I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. When I finally reached it I felt like I had a thousand bricks lifted off my shoulders.
    I know this sounds very cliche and I apologize ahead of time but with the words in your music it showed me that I am not to give up, that I am worth way more than I give myself credit and I should never let anyone take the love or happiness away from me.
    You taught me that hurtful words only have meaning if you give them meaning. So I wanted to thank you for showing me that love is the most important thing in this world and will conquer all if we allow it to.

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