2019 Intentions

Happy 2019! For the past couple of years, every December I begin to contemplate the new year. I ask the universe and my soul for guidance on what would be nourishing to intentionally focus on in the coming year. I sit with this question during meditation and keep a look out for specific words that continually pop up in my life. This year, there were a few words that came in loud and clear… Soft – Slow – Receive – Joy – Sensual – Create. 

SLOWing down, not rushing so much, feeling like everything has a deadline or there’s not enough time. Being SOFTer with myself and others. Truly allowing myself to RECEIVE LovE, compliments, the gifts that live within me, forgiveness, play, ecstatic joy. Intentionally creating JOY and giving myself the permission to In-Joy the JOY! Creating and cultivating SENSUALity in my body, my life, really allowing myself to step into my feminine power. CREATing anything and everything that sets my souls on fire, just for the sake of creating and moving that energy though my soul case on a daily basis. 

I’d LovE to know what’s coming through for you! Sit with this for a moment, if you haven’t contemplated it already and feel into what words your soul may be whispering to you. Please share below! I LovE you all and cannot wait to continue to to grow, heal and connect with you throughout 2019. 

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  • In 2019, I plan to focus on what is important around me – family and dear friends. Hug when I know someone needs it, smile to people who seem to just need a smile and listen, really listen to the one’s I hold so close to my heart. Lastly, embrace life and enjoy the moment, minute, day. love, love, love Le

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