Body LovE


Yesterday, I got angry at myself.

Angry that I got out of my routine while on vacation and now I am working extra hard to get back on track.

Angry that I was struggling to do a unique yoga class I had never done before and I guess I must have stumbled upon the advanced version….ouch.

Good ouch, but ouch!

Angry for slacking on my yoga practice for so long now that my body is way tight. Knowing good and well this self talk wasn’t helping and trying to stop it, knowing good and well it was going to get louder if I didn’t just accept that this is what was going on in this very moment.

So, I accepted it.

The inflexibly. The negative self talk.

I did what I could, paused when it was too challenging and breathed.

After I finished I took a moment to reflect and realized my inflexibility wasn’t just physically in my body, but in my mind, and blocking me from the LovE in my heart. The LovE my soul was and is so desperately needing from ME!

Usually, I would go into this whole spinning game of beating myself up YET AGAIN for knowing better and still not being able to be kinder and gentler with myself.

So I’m writing this instead.



I want to forgive myself for being less than loving.

I want to thank my will, my heart for getting my own ass in the gym, for venturing out and trying something new.

I want to thank my body for its vitality, strength, grace, for being healthy and vibrant enough to handle a workout, period!

I want to thank my body for showing me where I’m holding on and where I can let go.

I want to thank my lungs for their deep breaths of life.

I want to thank all of you for showing up here at SOE to connect, soul to soul.

I want to shift this negative self talk around my body and I’m doing it, one step at a time. Writing this blog and sharing my discomfort with all of you is allowing for a shift to happen within me. It’s making me fully aware of my pattern and allowing me to create a space to be able to step into any workout next time, a lot more grateful and gentler.

I’m sure we all get caught in this web of believing the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Can you shift just one lie today?

Can you begin telling yourself a more positive story about your health or a part of your body you feel negatively toward?

It may feel like a lie, but it’s the exact opposite.

THAT LovE, THAT kindness is THE TRUTH.

Keep telling yourself the truth until it actually becomes your truth throughout every cell in your body.


Reprogramming our mind is not easy, or maybe I need to say “IT IS EASY” and begin believing it! 😊

Our body follows our mind, so even if it feels like a lie at first, choose a kinder, more loving, empowering story.

We DO have that choice and the more often we choose it, the more it will manifest itself as our reality.




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