Celebrating YOU

I was talking to my friend, Ryan today and sharing all the ways in which I felt like I was drowning at the moment. Then, what at first felt like comic relief in the midst of my ruminating, I shared a sprinkle of truth and gratitude for my journey in how far I had come.  It reminded me how important it is for us to recognize our growth, whether it large or small. 

I joked that I used to feel like I was fragmented in a million little pieces and now, I just feel like I’m split in half, which is progress, LOL. Within my jest, I realized that I HAVE come a long way, even though there’s so much I still feel I have yet to make peace with and welcome into my heart.

In this very moment, I feel like I have one foot in one world, the world that’s dying… the world of fear, separation, doubt, lack and despair, and one foot in another, the world that’s being birthed… the world of LovE, connection, knowing, abundance and joy. 

There are two very distinctive energies pulling in opposite directions and I’m SURE, there are those of you out there who can relate. The seesaw effect is real and it’s very easy to get sucked into the spiral of beliefs and habits that no longer serve us when the foot in the old world seems more cemented than the one in the new. The old world is familiar and the new, quite unbelievable at times, at least a small part of me. 

My deepest practice has been to deepen my knowing of what sacred goodness is to come, what is already here and to sit with the feeling of that knowing of LovE, connection, abundance and ease in my body, really getting to know it, allowing it in to become my new baseline, OUR new reality. Part of this practice, as I was so beautifully reminded in my conversation with my dear friend is celebrating how far I have come… DAILY! DAILY CELEBRATION! Even if that means celebrating the extra moment I was able to sit with the discomfort before choosing to numb out in some way or bringing myself back into full presence in the moments I find myself meandering in the past or future up in my noggin or keeping my commitment to myself for daily meditation or the bath I took to sooth myself… you get the point. 

There is so much to celebrate on this journey of ours, yet all we see is what’s left to heal, what’s left unfinished or our shortcomings. Which btw, make us no less “healed” or “less legitimate.” Yes, those are thoughts that rumble through my mind. You relate? 

So, as we head into this new year, I challenge you AND me to daily celebration. Really letting ourselves  FEEL our goodness and all our micro moments of growth and shifts. Spending time in the energies we want to cultivate more of is important in cementing the OTHER foot in our new world of LovE, connection, abundance, knowing and JOY!

Keep a list in the note section of your phone and throughout the day, celebrate the shit out of yourself! I’m starting mine off this morning with celebrating my self motivation to get my body moving. Hey, it’s the little things, right! They all add up. I LovE you! Here’s to a new year of not knowing what the hell is coming our way, but celebrating anyway!


  • Thank you for taking us along on your journey. Your enlightened words help us learn how to reflect on our own past and forgive and celebrate the trip. In 2021 we will try to seek the light and spread the LovE.

  • Thank you for being so open ~ I too in 1 / 2 …one side strong and forever pulling me down ~ the other part of me knowing what it takes to see joy in every day …its so exhausting 💕

  • I am new to your blog!! I loved your music when I was teenager and am so thankful for the masked singer for bringing me back to you and your journey! I loved this post and the gifts you keep sharing with the world. Thank you! This is a lesson in my own yoga and meditation practice I have also been reflecting on, so thanks for putting it so beautifully into words.

  • I just saw this today. I was sharing with my son how much I loved your music. To my surprise he knew your song “How do I live”. YouTube then led me here and ready this made me realize how much I forget to celebrate the little things and much I worry about everything that is wrong. I am on a new journey thanks to you and a new year. Thank you

  • Thank you for creating this site. There are so many things we think of and confront on a daily basis……..some we don’t even realize. We all need emotional support from others. Yes, we should stand tall and be strong, but sometimes it is just not in the cards. It is a peaceful, happy time in our lives when we know we can share with others our ups and downs without being judged. I have followed your career from the time you were a child. It was obvious that you were going to make a huge impact on the world and you have done it in a big way which you well deserve. In this process, however, as a human being there surely has been times when you struggled and had mountains to cross. Being a success obviously doesn’t just fall into one’s life. I cannot comprehend how much work and tears you have had to endure to reach your present status. Sorry to vent. I just wanted to know that I think you have grown into a talented, beautiful lady. I live in Georgia and hope to see you perform live at some point if you have a concert nearby. My God bless you and keep signing.

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