Chalk Talk

Happy Monday! Impress the S@$! out of yourself! Every time we grow, we stretch our minds and hearts past what we thought was possible, every time we expand and take up more room on this planet by simply being more of ourselves, pat your own self on the back and celebrate. That kind of work is not for the faint of heart. It takes hard, daily work and devotion to create positive change in our lives, so if you’re doing it, celebrate your dedication to being the best you. Forget pleasing and impressing others. YOU COME FIRST! Clap for your own damn self. This is one of my greatest lessons. Growing up in an industry where it’s all about how much people like you and approve of you left me with a serious deficiency in the area of self approval. I make myself proud first, and then, that energy becomes a magnet that attracts the people that I naturally connect with. What can you do today to impress yourself? Don’t just do it, give yourself credit for it too, soak it in.