Chalk Talk

Happy Friday my LovEs. How deeply do you abandon your heart, your authenticity in order to be liked, loved or to avoid shame at all cost? This is a HUGE one for me personally. More and more I am awakening to all the ways in which I abandoned my desires, my needs, my passions in order to keep others happy and the stream flowing smoothly. That shit is coming to a grinding halt though. The level of self LovE that we must cultivate in order to fully be our truest selves in every moment is IMMENSE. Personally, I feel like I’m beginning to cultivate that high level of self LovE and self respect internally and it’s opening me up to fully living in the moment exactly as I am. I invite you to become aware of your self abandonment over this weekend and if you can catch yourself doing it, FEEL INTO YOUR HEART in those moments. Tune into the FEELING. What FEELS good to you instead of what is expected. The mind will create a zillion stories about what’s going to be projected into the future, the possible shame, abandonment, heartbreak, (fill in your scariest emotion/scenario here) if you make a different choice, if you say no, if you don’t wear the super cute outfit on stage and instead go out in sweats (that 1’s for me LOL, It has yet to happen, but it just may) if you tell the truth about your inner world when someone asks “how are you”, if you show up to an event, a dinner, a family gathering in all your emotional messiness or exhaustion without any editing or hiding… THOSE STORIES ARE LIES and the only ones judging you when you embrace that deep level of authenticity are those who cannot express themselves with such clarity and fearlessness and who are still caught up in a very programmed way of thinking and being. It’s time LovEs that we start creating and living our own path, our own lives for US and what FEELS good and the only way we will begin to do that is if first, we become aware of where we are abandoning our beautiful hearts, we then get in touch with who we are past societal programming, we cultivate an enormous level of self LovE and self trust and then, go out into the world, hand in hand with mama courage, fully embodying what lights us up and FEELS good to OUR own souls. And the crux of it all is that we can’t fully cultivate the depths of self LovE and self trust until we take action and prove to ourselves that we are safe when we are fully ourselves. It will be messy, but it will also be glorious and free and when people ask us where home is, we will be able to honestly say… INSIDE OF ME! We will be validating ourselves and our experience from within, without the need for external validation. We will be turning the world on with our vibrancy and giving others permission to follow in our footsteps of truth. I am so grateful for the women who are already leading the way and are my mentors on my journey to freedom. And as I step into more and more of my moment to moment truth, I hope to be a guide for those who are ready to take the leap into wholeness. So, who’s with me?! Please share your experiences with us on here. It is incredibly powerful when we all show up for one another. And btw, here’s my authenticity share of the day…. I had dental surgery this AM and am in a lot of pain and a bit loopy as I write this LOL, but I’m still showing up because this felt important to speak on and it’s been very much on my heart. I LovE you all!


  • I think it’s beautiful , stay the course I know it is very hard when your famous and in the spotlight all the time, as I have always said or felt for you .You are gifted in a lot more ways than your lovely voice and music , keep on the love train LeAnn.Always mike in RI👣

  • We LovE your journey and happy that you see the inner beautiful person we all have seen and loved for years.

  • Thank you for sharing your authentic thoughts and feelings and gifting us with the real YOU. Our journeys are each unique, and it’s important we show up and acknowledge each other with an open heart and mind – releasing the expectation that we have to be any certain way. Peace, love and light 🙏🏼💕

  • I relate to these words so much it hurts. I transformed from a silent doormat, to an outspoken realist. I became a painfully honest, strong woman. I lost countless people. I gained endless judgement. I have been ridiculed by my own family. It costs far more to become an authentic version of YOU. The price is worth it to be FREE though. I’ve loved you since I first saw you on stage, before your first single ever dropped. I love you more now, than ever before.

  • Thank you so much for being so open and sharing so many parts of your journey with us. You are truly an inspiration! These blogs make me think in a way I have not thought before and make me think about all the ways that I have not been my true self most of my life.
    My authenticity share is I have low self esteem and major body image issues and don’t talk about it to to many people because they say I look fine and don’t want to hear it. I suck it up and try to act and be what I’m not and push my emotions about how I look deep inside me and use food as a comfort sometimes. I have created a horrible cycle that I am working to change alone. I have joined a CrossFit gym and am taking steps to become the me I want to be and the me I really am. It’s not easy when you have to do it in your spare time, but every step forward is a positive step toward the true me.

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