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Happy Friday, dear souls. I am well aware that there is real fear in this country, in the world over our basic needs being met right now and in the foreseeable future. I see you, I hear you, I honor our real human experience that must be tended to. Our human experience is nothing to downplay or ignore. AND I am also very aware of the levels to our experience. In the bigger picture, from a spiritual perspective, we ARE already EVERYTHING. Nothing on this planet, no material item, no amount of money makes us any more valuable than we already inherently are. WE NEED NOTHING TO BE EVERYTHING. WE NEED TO PRODUCE NOTHING TO BE FULL OF VALUE. Btw, I am fully reminding myself of this every single day. This is a challenging one for me, and a major belief that is dying off. So, slow down and take this time to remember the everything you are. We can stop striving. We are SAFE to STOP STRIVING. We are ENOUGH AS WE ARE. Can you feel the everything you are? Can you close your eyes, breathe deeply and feel your inner radiance? Can you feel your connection to all that is, to the higher power, to Mother Earth that is supporting us fully during these transitions? TRUST THIS! LeAnn, TRUST THIS! The human me needs this reminder as much as anyone, but my heart knows it’s true. We are in this together my friends and together, we will rise. WE ARE EVERYTHING WE NEED. WE ARE EVERYTHING THIS WORLD NEEDS. Drop into your heart and feel the truth of you.

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  • Hi Le,

    May we all virtually connect and remember we are all in this together. God Speed and Peace be with you and everyone. XO

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