Happy New Year, dear LovEs! If you are in need of a reminder of how magical and powerful you are, how you are creative and creation itself…this is for you. Welcome to a new decade of creating a world full of LovE and Joy!

Create for the sake of creating.
Create for it is starlight that pulses through your veins, for you are pure creation.
Create for the sake of joy.
Create for the rush of the high.
Create and allow your soul to pour out.
Create to know God, to know yourself.
Create to inspire other souls to create.
Create to let others on this human journey know they are not alone and to remind yourself that you too are not alone.
Create to know your truest nature.
Create to release yourself from bondage.
Create to unearth blocked emotions.
Create to unclench your fists.
Create when you are weary, when you are scared, when you are blissful, when you are rageful and all you want to scream is “fuck the world”… creation knows no limit. In fact, creation wants to experience itself as art through every different phase of you.
There is no shame in any creation, for every creation is god in motion.
Create to tell the truth, your truth. We need your truth.
Create as an act of rebellion.
Create because you have the freedom too and others do not.
Create to wake the sleeping world.
Create in the name of LovE.
Create for yourself because what you’re creating stirs your own soul. 
Create so that you may have moments that mystify you, so that you have moments that make you marvel at your own glory and the glory that just moved through you on to the page, the stage, the kitchen, into the bedroom…wherever you are becoming a conduit for the divine to flow through you and know itself.
Create because the craving has overtaken you.
Create to explore the unexplored.
Create to unearth the gifts you have yet to discover.
Create to remember that which you have forgotten.
Create and make LovE to your creation as you would your greatest LovEr.
Create to live a life that only can be birthed through you.
Create to shine light in the darkest of corners.
Create to help break open the most hardened of hearts.
Create to take yourself and others on the journey inward and touch places we wouldn’t dare to touch alone, without the tenderness of your creation taking us by the hand and walking us home.


  • I have been writing songs forever! I started around 12 years old. It was a rush but also music is my hobby. My true companion in my crazy messed up childhood. I have listened to your music since you started out and come see you live every chance I get. I stopped writing around 45 because I can only write lyrics and I don’t play piano as well as I would like too but I can tell someone how to play my songs. I need to get back to writing and try to get my songs out there. I had always hoped you would be one of the people who would record my songs since you are my favorite country star so I will send you so some songs however I am not sure where to send material so I know you will receive it. Suggestions?

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