Creating Space

One of the first definitions you read when you look up the word “space” is “….a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.”


We use overuse our space in all sorts of ways, to store old wounds, grudges, insecurities, clothes we never wear, letters and cards from past LovErs, beliefs that aren’t even ours, but we adopted from those who raised us or from society, stuff we have collected in our home or work area that no longer supports our soul or brings us joy, the gigantic, walls surrounding our hearts, the list could go on and on of the places in our lives that are patiently waiting for us to give them a little attention and CREATE SOME SPACE. Space for new energy to be welcomed in, space for the universe to bring us what is meant for our soul’s journey, space for more LovE, space for the joy and expansiveness of space itself.


This idea of space may give some of us a complete anxiety attack. We have become so identified with our stories, defined by our pain, attached to our belongings, attached to our all of our stuff that keeps us bound to the past because we aren’t ready to let go of certain people or times in our life where we may have thought we had it better or were happier. Even just the idea of sitting for a few moments in silence and creating space throughout our bodies and minds with our breath makes some of us want to run for our lives and even brings on guilt for taking time for ourselves. If this speaks to you at all, I feel of your pain. That was once me! I still struggle with the guilt of giving myself time each day for space, for breath and meditation, but it’s ESSENTIAL now for my wellbeing. It took a while for me to figure out how to create space in my life, but it’s now a daily practice and an ever changing one at that. With Spring almost sprung, I find myself wanting to create even more space from within and throughout my surroundings. Here are some questions I’m asking myself right now and I invite you to take a moment, or many as this new month and season opens it’s heart and energy to us to join me in this inquiry. Where in my life can I create space? What am I afraid of if I open my hands and heart and let go. When creating new space, what am I wanting to bring in or do I even want to fill the newly cultivated space in certain areas of my life?


Space is so essential for ushering in new ideas, listening to our intuition, allowing ourselves to expand and become more of who we authentically are and for telling the universe “I am ready to level up and welcome in my highest good.” So, here’s to some good old Spring cleaning!


Here are my top 5 ways I have found to create space…


  1. Breathe! Deep belly breathing is the fastest and easiest way to create space in the mind and body. Just sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes and take in 10-20 deep breaths in and out through the nose. Make sure you are breathing deeply, starting the breath from the deepest part of your tummy.
  2. Clear some of your schedule and allow time for your heart to guide you to bliss. I like to take at least one, half day or full day a week, if I’m lucky and listen to my heart and body as to what it is needing. Sometimes I sit and meditate, sometimes I write, sometimes I switch up my workout routine and go at a slower pace or for a walk. Just give yourself space not to have to always be on a schedule.
  3. Whatever needs to be spoken, speak it. If there’s a feeling that needs to be felt, allow yourself the time and space to feel it. If that means writing a letter to someone in your past who has hurt you and burning it, going outside and speaking your truth that you may have not been able to say to the wind, painting, writing poetry or music, whatever healthy way to GET IT OUT, do it! Unexpressed emotions become trapped in the body and can create pain and illness. Give yourself the time and space to heal.
  4. More stuff does not make us whole or better than other people. More stuff is just that, more stuff. Clean out clutter from your home and work area. If it doesn’t bring you joy or support your soul’s purpose, let it go.
  5. Be honest with yourself about your job, your relationship, your friendship, all the big stuff. If you are holding on to something in your life that is past its expiration date, it’s time to LovE yourself enough to move on. Fear can keep us bound to places our soul no longer wants to be. It’s time to step into LovE and trust. We MUST create space to allow room for the universe to fulfill our souls desires. We must be brave!



  • Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world on this beautiful forum you’ve created. Your generosity has sparked a spiritual awakening in me that has lead to the most extraordinary journey of my life. Thank you, Leann ❤️. I’m very grateful.

  • Beautiful! I really love this. Thank you so much for all your uplifting spiritual ways Leann! It. It makes me think differently in many ways! 💙💜🦋

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