Introducing the “God’s Work” Holiday Candle

The 2022, limited edition “God’s Work” La Fréquence holiday candle is here! A sensual combination of texas cedarwood, frazier fir, fir needle, smoke, patchouli and black pepper envelop the senses and ground the soul into pure presence.

Our candles are handcrafted from 100% veggie soy wax, essential and natural fragrance oils and handpoured “in house”, meaning in our home. The La Fréquence candles are not only beautiful candles, but an experience, intended to invoke emotion and connection. With that intent, I have encoded my voice, intention and love for you into the molten wax and while the candles were solidifying, I personally chanted over them and a recording of the chant, which was recorded at 741 hz played during the drying process. Which when lit, releases into the very air you breathe.

741 hz, also known as the tone “sol” is linked to the throat chakra, otherwise known as the chakra of truth. this frequency helps individuals open up emotionally, liberating their ability to express themselves; while acting as a repulsive magnet for toxins and negativity, clearing the way for a purer, healthier life. This frequency is also an awakener of intuition and is used to solve problems, bringing clarity of mind.

With the purchase of this candle, you will receive a scanable insert of the chant it was created with, so that you can create your own personal ceremony and intentional prayer. “God’s Work” is a chant of unity and the recognition of the divinity that lives within all beings and all things.