“Thank you.” A simple gesture that alerts another to the fact that they are seen and appreciated. All we really want is to be seen, for our actions to be witnessed, for the simplicity of our being-ness to mean something to another.

During this time of Covid, I have seen article after article about how divorce will be on the rise when this is over. How partners are driving each other crazy because they are stuck under the same roof day in and day out. Luckily, I am here to share a different experience. My husband and I have grown even closer during this time. Yeah, sure, we’ve had our moments, but the weight of this moment has brought us closer, not the other way around. We’ve had to have deeper conversations about our future. Both of our shadows have come out to play, our fears dancing on the surface, unable to be quieted. 

I personally have had bursts of anger which turned into 30 min crying sessions, negative outbursts of criticism around my body, thanks to “tubby” my inner critic… that’s a whole other blog, rumination about what’s next with business and Eddie has been there for it all. He’s helping reprogram my nervous system by showing me that during these difficult moments, there is a loving presence there to hold me and allow for the emotions to move through me without judgement. He’s been extremely vulnerable with his feeling and trying to find words to communicate how he feels, even when it’s out of his comfort zone. He’s done a breathwork class with me, which after all these years of experiencing the power of breathwork myself, was beautiful to watch. I was moved to tears by witnessing his opening and expansion after one class. We literally have been in a cocoon of healing, whether we know it consciously or not in the moment. Looking back, I can see what has been being excavated and the amount of expansion that has taken place and is still happening.

The key, to all of this, I believe, has been the appreciation of one another and the outward expression of that appreciation.

It’s so very easy to go about our relationships in robotic fashion, especially when those relationships are very familiar. Appreciation for the small things can go out the window. This moment in time has been teaching me, and hopefully all of us, what and who really matter and how to deepen our connection and appreciation for the “little things.”

Really, the “little things” are the BIG THINGS. 

They are the things that sustain us. They are the things that give us life, bring us joy, fill our hearts… and our bellies.

One day, while doing dishes and packing up leftovers I said to Eddie, “I LovE it when we thank each other for all the little things.” To which he replied, “I do too.” We recognize one another and our efforts. We respect each other. A “thank you” goes one hell of a long way.

I have found myself thanking every part of life these days. I thank my food, the land, the water, my sweats (I thank them the most, LOL), my body, my mind, my friends, my family, my employees, my triggers, the struggles, the darkness, the universe…. I thank it ALL. I give gratitude, not only in the easily digestible, joyful moments, but in the muck too. It’s all here serving us, awakening us to our divinity.

Ultimately, it all comes back to LovE. Everything is breaking us open and leading us back to the LovE that we are.

Can you open up your heart to this shift in perception?

How are you and gratitude dancing these days? 

Has your appreciation deepened through this unprecedented experience? 

How are you and your partner? If you don’t have a partner at the moment, how are you and you? 

What and who can you thank today? 

What can you bring into awareness in this very moment and give thanks for? 

In your dark moments, can you also hold gratitude for the experience or the release and if that’s not accessible in the moment, can you ask god to open your heart to it? 

Gratitude is the gateway drug to joy, my friends, to freedom! 

And you know what, I am damn grateful for you and this journey we are on together. I LovE you!


  • I am damn grateful for you too my soul sister. Thank you for making me feel special. I lovE you!

    • I have been following you on Facebook and just learned of this website so I joined today and I’m very very glad I did you have such good inside Le. I can relate plus I have been studying growth mindset and this is a big help for me gratitude is extremely important. Thanks Renee

  • Hi Le!
    Gratitude is the silent gesture to a Soul. 🙂
    This time has definitely changed my perspective on some things. I am very grateful for my family. I could not get through this without my sweet husband and college age children. I make sure every day we continue the routine we had before we went to the office (now our office is a room away). For instance, I make sure I make the coffee before bedtime and make Lee’s cup of coffee in the morning. I used to hand him a Yeti full of coffee and off we go. We work for the same company, so we drive together. Before we got out of the car, we would kiss and say have a great day. So now, I walk over to his office, set down the coffee on his desk and give him a kiss.
    It’s important to say thank you, say compliments, and let others know your grateful for them – washing the dishes, emptying the dishwasher, getting out the outdoor furniture cushions, putting them up, etc. I really do not like the cushion job so very grateful he does it. He knows it too!
    I think a touch throughout the day is great and helps me be in the moment. I am taking full advantage of being able to hug and to face time my children. Please keep writing and thank you. Thank you for your meditation time and chat sessions too! LoVE always! xo

  • During this time I have felt so many emotions. I lost my mom to lung cancer 3 years ago this month and I have been dealing with some more of those feelings. I felt like I had to be strong for my family then, so I pushed all my hurt and pain down and blanketed it with wine. Now I need to confront those feelings. I am also going through some family issues at this time that is very taxing on me. On the other hand though, I am so very grateful for my frineds, family, my CrossFit family at the gym and all the things and people I seemed to take for granted before all this covid mess happened. I cherish the little things more and more these days.
    Thank you LeAnn for sharing yourself with all of us!! I cherish you too!! Thank you for sharing your chanting/meditation sessions with us as well! Love you!!

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