Celebrating Stepmoms

“Bless the largeness in me, even when I fear it. When I am dust, sing these words over my bones… she was a voice.”

Profound words, spoken in the form of a prayer by the protagonist, Anna in Sue Monk Kid’s new book “The Book Of Longings” I don’t think my heart has ever felt more seen, than in the poetry and pulse of these words.

I wanted to share these words, on this “Stepmom’s Day” and dedicate them to all of the loving stepmoms in the world. In the context of stepmotherhood, to me, the largeness spoken of here is our capacity to LovE. Loving a child that is not our blood, creating room in our hearts and our lives for a new gentleness and chaos, it’s a certain kind of superpower, one that I deeply bow to. Opening our heart in this way takes LARGENESS. Our heart is LARGE and that largeness can sometimes be misconstrued, criticized and shamed.

But today, I raise you up and celebrate your largeness.

From one stepmom to another I want you to know that your large heart is beautiful and you are seen.

I want you to know that your voice is needed and you are heard.

Stepmotherhood is a journey, one that looks different for every stepmom and every family. Whatever your journey, whether you feel LovEd and seen, alienated and lonely or somewhere in between, I hope you feel the LovE and appreciation beaming from my heart to yours, today and always.

I LovE you, stepmom! You are valued!

I am forever grateful to my two stepsons for showing me just how LARGE my heart and my LovE is. What beautiful gifts you are!

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  • You are an amazing woman. I have admired you from day 1. You were there for me, everyday, in your music 3 yrs ago when I went through a divorce after being married 27 yrs. I think about you, often. Not creepiness or anything but you come up in random conversations. My screen name and email is LiteUrEyes for everything, after your song The Light in Your Eyes, ever since you released it. You are still loved by your fans. It’s never too late to start over. Others have done worse than what you have crucified yourself for and they still sing. But we do understand.
    Love ya!
    Elisabeth Foster

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