Happy Earth Day

Mama Earth and I have been loving on each other during this time of isolation. I have been going outside, walking barefoot on her soil, sitting in her grass and observing her magic. She’s been holding me and I’ve been singing to her. Sitting and connecting with her has become one of my favorite daily practices.

Just sitting. 

Eyes open. 

Senses turned on, FULLY.

When this practice was recommended to me, my body instantly contracted, my mind resisted. Fear began rising from deep within, even though I have had a consistent meditation practice for years now. Something about sitting with my eyes open and doing NOTHING but being, stressed me out to no end, but I did it anyway. I started with 5 minutes, and every day, since I began I have added on another 5 minutes. I am now at 20 minutes of purely sitting and being and let me tell you, those 20 minutes are the most peaceful, joyful moments of my day. My being craves this practice. 


One thing I am realizing is how easily entertained I am, LOL. Mother Earth is the best TV show I have watched in ages! There’s so much right there, just waiting to be noticed, explored and felt. 

The peace I have found within this practice allows for my true nature, for LovE and joy to instantly rise and my connection to the mother is tender and powerful. 

Connecting to nature and Mama Earth is one of the most direct routes I have found to true heart expansion. 

So, on this Earth Day, I invite you to begin your own sitting practice in nature. Start with 5 min and see what happens.

Sit and be. 

This means no meditating, no breathwork, nothing! 

Just BE. 

Allow your senses to open, without trying to open them. Allow your mind to wander. 


Please share with me what your experience is like, if you dare to venture on this journey. Happy Earth Day! 

We LovE you Mama Earth. I hope you feel that today, and every day.


  • Sometimes I just go sit on my backporch in the sun, close my eyes and just let my mind wonder. Listening to the birds sing and squirrels chirping. Opening my eyes and watching all the bunnies Twitter patting all over the backyard, then I have a good laugh. Weird right.

  • I love to be able to go sit on my porch and listen to the birds chirp and the leaves blow in the wind. Especially right now with everything blooming and all the birds coming back from being gone this past winter. I love to just sit and watch and listen to nature. It is so peaceful. Being outside at night looking at the stars is peaceful too.

  • My favorite thing to do is sit in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee or herb tea and watch the many birds come to my glass door bird feeders. I have four kinds of seeds. I take one or more of my dogs out on the deck ever morning to put seeds in the trays. I look around at the beautiful Forrest all around me. I feel joy and love. Great way to start the day and I often just watch them throughout the day.

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