Our Relationship With The Divine

Hello, beautiful souls. I hope that each of you had a peaceful Easter or Passover, whichever you observe. I deeply honor you and your relationship with the divine, whatever that may look like. This share is not to start an argument, I’m just trying to spark a conversation, or contemplation. If you know my music, you’ll get that reference. I wanted to share my story in hopes that any heart that may be closed to the power of LovE, divine LovE, just might see themselves within my words and contemplate a deeper relationship with the divine. 

A lot of you may already have a deep connection with what I like to call god and some may have shame around the fact that your relationship doesn’t look exactly how you thought it would, how you were raised for it to look. 


The confusion, the shame, the guilt, the “to god or not to god” is all welcome here. 

I believe we are all on our own path and each awakening comes in perfect timing and in our own personal way. 

My path to awakening was not through organized religion, but through my own heart. Each of us finds our entryway into the divine, and for some that is straight forward religion, but for me that was meditation and a lot of deep contemplation on something much greater than me. Not until I went within did I understand the truth of that which I am, that we all are. Not until I went within did the story of Jesus click, but not in the way I had grown up to know him. I began to see and experience the underpinnings of his teachings. I began to experience that I too am a child of the “I AM” and that I needn’t search outside of my own heart to experience divine LovE. 

Jesus and his life has become a template to me, someone I look to for the ways in which it’s possible to truly LovE, when we remove all the ways in which we have blocked LovE… the LovE that flows through us, the LovE that cannot be extinguished, the LovE that we are created from, the LovE that we are. To me, Christ shows us our true essence. The metaphysics of his teachings and his life lead us home to the truth of us. 

Though I am not a practicing, church going Christian, I celebrate Easter and probably with more reverence than I ever have. The death and resurrection is a process I have experienced several times over, one we all have or will eventually. We are all experiencing a great death at this very moment and how we resurrect is still left to be seen. 

During these times, we are seeing just how fragile life is, how literally every breath is a gift that not everyone is being gifted. Today, as we ponder the crucifixion and the resurrection, can we observe how this story is playing out, yet again in our lives? Can we finally drop the pettiness, not saying that boundaries aren’t essential, they are. LovE sometimes says no and NO, sometimes, is the most loving answer. But can we at least crucify our judgement, our righteousness, our segregation, our exclusiveness and can we resurrect LOVE, INCLUSIVENESS, FORGIVENESS… THE CHRIST WITHIN?  The time is now, my friends. LovE cannot wait any longer. 

No matter where you stand with religion, or god, or Jesus, YOU are a creation of the “I AM” presence, of the divine and it is calling you home. Go within your own heart and there you will find all you need.

What in your life needs to be crucified in order for LovE to be resurrected? I suggest we all go sit with that question. The world depends on it. OUR world depends on it. I LovE you.


    • Nice…it has been so ingrained to think one way about God/Jesus/Christianity…a refreshing approach to Our Relationship With The Divine…my mind is spinning…So grateful that I found your blog…love your insight & your voice is beautiful on all levels

    • I’m a Roman Catholic. Catholic school, alter boy. Communion, Confirmation, grew up with Jesus in my heart. Lost my way long ago. Maybe I can find it again. Thank You

  • Thank you for a powerful message and thought provoking idea. These trying times have given me a better understanding of the LovE and sacrifice made by God and Jesus. LovE and forgiveness are the only solution. Kindness rules.

  • Hi Le!

    You are a very strong, beautiful soul and we all love your openness. I believe in the Divine, Universe, God, Angels, Holy Spirit. I have experienced some incredible miracles and VERY thankful I reached out to God. I do believe God and the Holy Spirit come in many forms. Also, I am very private about talking about God and this is not normal for me to post. I believe that religion or belief is very personal; therefore, I do not want anyone to think I am pushing any belief. Thank you Le for your blog and site! XO

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