National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day! Reading has played such an important role in my growth over the past few years. I have been inspired by so many soulful bodies of work and their fearless authors. Thank you to all of the writers who are allowing powerful work to flow though them and onto their pages. Books change lives!

Have you picked up “A Course In Miracles” yet? This book has brightened my world in so many ways. It is something I study daily and try to apply its principles to my life. “A Course In Miracles” teachings of shifting our thinking from “fear” to “LovE,” has spoken to my soul and continues to help me develop my connection with spirit and inner peace. I highly recommend checking it out and seeing if it’s messages of LovE speak to you.




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  • anyone making effort to a continuing spiritual advancement,,is an idea worthy of pursuit,,and extremely admirable,,very cool.

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