Holy Hallelujah Holiday Candle

Introducing the limited edition “Holy Hallelujah” La Fréquence holiday candle. “Holy Hallelujah” is an exhalation and invitation of remembrance… of the gift of grace, the deep knowing that our prayers are already answered and that miracles are raining down upon us. The grounding scents of Balsam, Cedar, & Frazier Fir dance tenderly along side hints of brown sugar and orange.

Pre-order yours here. First shipment will be Nov 20 🕯

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  • My husband surprised me with this candle- Holy Hallelujah- for Thanksgiving. From the moment I opened the box, in pure spiritual honesty, I felt peace and an extremely warm, loving energy come over me. The fragrance of this candle is just Heavenly- it’s a warm delicate blend that went all the way upstairs and brightened my children’s senses they just loved it!
    Leanne you have come full circle in living in the purpose of what God has sent you here for. Keep on digging into the spiritual girly. The best reference for understanding God and who He is is by reading the first 2 chapters in the book of Ezekiel, new King James version.
    Respectfully, Adriana Milligan

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