I Am An Angel

I am an angel. I am a messenger of LovE. I am holy in human form. I am here to be a light that shines bright upon the truth, for you to see that you too are an angel.

I am human. I experience all the glorious messiness that comes along with humanity. I am learning to embrace my humanity, no longer running from it, for only in fully loving our humanity do we find our holy. I am aware of my shortcomings and challenges, but these days, I’m choosing to identify with the light of my spirit much more than my mistakes.

It’s amazing how much fear bubbles up in my body when I speak those words and claim my truth. So much old programming of “who do you think you are” comes online. I’m cutting through the “thinking” and finally listening to the KNOWING. Hearing Matt Kahn the other day declare in one of his inspiring speeches that we are angels, literally sent chills up my spine and tears down my cheeks. This is how I recognize truth in my body. It was like a light went on… literally. For too long now, I have been identifying with my mistakes, putting more weight and belief in my shadow, the disowned parts of myself and choosing to remain in disbelief of my light. Not until I started giving voice to my shadow, the scared little one inside was I able to see that it all exists at once and it’s ALL the light. We are human and we are holy, all in one breath. I am on my way to embodying as much of the holy as I can hold here in this human form and so are you! So, ANGEL… are you making a conscious choice to identify with your truth? I LovE you.


  • Spotlights are very bright but temporary
    LovE lights are forever
    By sharing your LovE and standing in your own Light
    You guide our path when we feel afraid

  • Hi Le,
    You need to write a song! It’s got to be positive and glowing. Angels, Angels, Angels. Everyone needs to know that they are a unique angel. LoVe to you always!

  • You are so incredibly deep and only so many people can understand. What a gift!! Thank you. I believe in Angels.
    You are a sweet soul Le. I pray and hope they guide and take care of you and me. xo

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