International Women’s Day 2020

On this glorious International Women’s Day, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite creative, inspiring women. These women have truly changed my life in one way or another. Check them out and get inspired. I and the Soul Of EverLe community want to know who YOUR favorite creative, inspiring women are, so tag the women you want to give a shoutout to in the comments below. As women, our art, our words, our creations are EQUAL TO ALL. We are deserving. We are demanding. It is time for TRUE GENDER EQUALITY! I stand, in LovE with all of my sisters.

Being Is Beautiful

This woman, Kylie McBeth… she’s one of the coolest, bravest women I know. Check out her work and her podcast, Zara Health.

Kate Horsman

This beauty is helping us return to wholeness within our bodies. Her offerings…all of her is potent.

You Are Luminous

Kristen’s writing pierces the heart. Check out her podcast and her new book, “Homecoming.”

Janne Robinson

This woman is PURE MAGIC! Her words and her spirit speak to places in us we don’t even know need to be spoken to. She is an awakener. Check out her new book.

The Mother Spirit

Ready for some deep work and a true initiation into WOMAN?! Sarah’s “Maiden To Mother” journey is POWER-FULL!

Mama Medicine

Deborah is true medicine! She is walking us all home towards the truth… we are our own healers. Check out here new book, “Ritual Baths.”


Ashley is from another world… in the most beautiful of ways. I admire her vulnerability and connection to self. Her podcast is FIRE! It’s one of my favorites that I listen to every week. I am so grateful for her friendship and for her guidance in the expansion of our consciousness.

Infinite Body

Jenny Ann is feminine fire! Her photography is truly DIVINE. Her ability to bring out the true essence in another is a gift.

Danielle Doby

Danielle Doby is truth personified. She is a warrior. After reading her writing, you’ll usually find me with tears flooding down my face, my heart burst open and my jaw on the floor. She is fighting a battle right now that any one of us could find ourselves battling one day. If you can, head over to her page and see how you can help out a sister.

Kelly Sue Says

Kelly’s honesty and vulnerability in her writing makes me shout “me too! I’ve been there and now I feel less alone!” She’s a powerhouse. Do yourself a favor and go follow her.

Toko-pa Turner

Toko-pa’s book, “Belonging” is a game changer of a read. Her Dream School is an eye opening offering. Creative magic flows from this woman.

Hiro Boga

Hiro is a true visionary. Her book, “The World Of Business Playbook” is in a league of its own. She will have you thinking about business in a whole different way, one not void of spirit, but FULL of it.