World Book Day Inspo

Over the years I have fallen in LovE with reading and “books on tape.” Haha, at least that’s what I remember them first being called. I know, I know, it’s 2020 and they are called  “audiobooks.” I dig audiobooks for when I travel and the hours that drag on, sitting in traffic in Los Angeles. However, the readers voice has to be captivating or else my mind easily wanders off into daydream land. Anyone feel me on this? Sometimes, most of the time, actually, I LovE a good old fashion book and my own inner voice. This inner voice is kind and a pretty captivating narrater, so I keep her around. So, with all that being said, on World Book Day 2020, which is on this glorious day, I am recommending some of my favorite reads, books and audiobooks for your consideration. Books that will blast your heart open, shake your world as you know it up and start you on or help you deepen your path to healing. Happy World Book Day, you intelligent, beautiful, soul-full, LovEs! I hope you find something that sparks your interest and fully In-Joy!

Blue Truth ~ David Deida

There’s so much deep, heart focused and heart felt truth in this book. An aid in our quest for deeper heart expansion, for uncovering our true passions and understanding our unquenchable thirst for LovE. 

The Universe Always Has A Plan : The Ten Golden Rules of Letting Go ~ Matt Kahn

This book isn’t even out yet and I know I’m going to LovE it! Matt is one of my favorite spiritual teachers and I have great appreciation for his previous literary offerings. I highly recommend anything this man has written. When it comes to his new book, who couldn’t use a few lessons in surrender and trust?! Sign me up! 

Resurrecting Jesus : Embodying The Spirit Of A Revolutionary Mystic ~ Adyashanti (audiobook) 

This book is pure gold and Adyashanti’s way of narrating is more of a conversational offering than an exact read, which I found incredibly captivating. Adyashanti recounts the biblical story of Jesus through mystical eyes and beautifully explains what it truly means to embody his teachings.

Healing Developmental Trauma Laurence Heller, PHD ~ Aline La Pierre, PsyD

Developmental trauma, you’ll be hard pressed to find a human who is exempt from it. This book is for anyone looking to understand the patterning of developmental trauma and who is desiring to expand their self-awareness and their tool box for healing. 

Signs The Secret Language Of The Universe ~ Laura Lynn Jackson 

Ever wonder if the universe is speaking to you? If those you LovE, who have passed on, are trying to connect with you from beyond? This book is full of heart warming stories of confirmation and hope. Yes, that’s right, you are not crazy and this book is full of stories to prove the communication from the other side and the great unknown, is real.

The Naked Mind : Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness and Change Your Life ~ Annie Grace

I BELIEVE EVERYONE, I REPEAT, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK or LISTEN TO THIS AUDIOBOOK! Through Annie Grace’s vulnerable recount of her own struggles with alcohol and the brilliantly woven dance between psychological, neurological, cultural, social and industry factors on the addiction of alcohol and the reason humans drink, drinkers and non-drinkers alike, would do themselves and their LovEd ones a great service in educating themselves on the facts, in order to preserve their health, their lives, their relationships and their future. This book blew my mind, in the best way. I personally LovEd the audiobook, as Annie’s passion on the subject and her willingness to be so candid, really penetrates.


  • Thank you so much for your book recommendations! I am going to order the Laura Lynn Jackson book to add to my personal library. I hope you have a tremendous March. ♥️📚

  • I just found your blog today. I am amazed at what you are sharing. I just ordered “Signs” as I too believe I have had a sign and think possibly there are others I have missed. I look forward to learning better ways to understand the signs. Thank you for your insight!

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