“Sing LovE Into The World” Candle

Won’t you sing with me now? Uplift your voice, your heart and your home with the new Soul Of EverLe candle. Introducing the limited edition, La Fréquence “Sing LovE Into The World” candle. The seductive blend of Jasmine, Sweetgrass, Cedar and a hint of Dirt (don’t let that one fool you), infuse any space with the sensuality of a long, Summer day.

Our candles are handcrafted from 100% veggie soy wax, essential and natural fragrance oils and handpoured “in house”, meaning in my home. The La Fréquence candles are not only beautiful candles, but an experience, intended to invoke emotion and connection. With that intent, I have encoded my voice, intention and love for you into molten wax to create these candles. Which when lit, releases into the very air you breathe. While the candles were solidifying, I personally chanted over them and a recording of the chant, which was recorded at 852 hz, the frequency which helps clear destructive and negative energy, negative patterns, fear and overthinking, connects you with your inner guidance, your intuition, aids in healing and balancing the third eye chakra and returning all things to spiritual order, continued playing throughout the drying process.

With the purchase of this candle, you will receive a download of the chant it was created with, so that you can create your own personal ceremony and sing LovE into the world. We need YOUR LovE more than ever! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to “The Loveland Foundation,” helping to provide financial assistance to black women and girls seeking therapy.

Order by June 14th to receive your candle by June 20th for Summer Solstice. I will be hosting a live chant/meditation on the Solstice for you to connect with the energy of your new candle.

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  • I absolutely LOVE your candles – Sing Love Into the World is my second candle, my first one was Let the Light in. They are truly amazing! During the week I will light my candle in the evening (after a long work day) and just relax and take in the calming, positive, and spiritual vibes, mood, feeling, atmosphere (I’m not sure what word describes it best) – And the glow is so beautiful! Your candles are my absolute must have for prayer, reflections, and meditating! I hope that you continue to make your candles! Thank you!!

    • Oh and I forgot to mention that the scent of both candles is truly awesome – It’s both earthy and heavenly at the same time!

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