The New Earth Is Here

How’s your heart? Breaking like mine? Damn, this moment is swiftly calling us forth to step into our highest selves, our fullest expression. These times are asking us to DO THE WORK. What do I mean by that? 

Actually, these times are no longer asking, they’re DEMANDING our humility, our authenticity, our heart expansion, our sacred rage, our action. They are demanding that we embrace the messiness of unearthing and reclaiming our shadow, the rejected pieces of our being, so that we may embody more of our light. They are demanding that we hold two worlds at once without judgement… challenging, I know. 

One world being the “old world,” the outdated beliefs and systems that have kept us all oppressed… patriarchy, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, ageism, anti-Semitism to name a few. 

And then, there’s another world, the “new world.” A world we are all currently co-creating, consciously or unconsciously with universal energy. A world that is being birthed straight out of the cosmic womb for us to step into. A world where our inner wholeness is reflected in our outer experience, where the whole becomes whole. 

But in order to birth this new world into fruition, we must first take a close look at our current reality, get intimate with the pain, the rage, the deception, HELLO 2020! ONLY THEN, we MAY have a chance at a peaceful, loving future, where ALL, in actual human reality are ONE. A reality where ALL ARE EQUAL and RESPECTED. I say MAY have a chance because nothing is certain, especially at this moment. Nothing is certain because we all have free will and the future I speak of requires enough of us to CHOOSE to take a long, CHALLENGING look at our own biases, distorted thoughts and blocks to LovE before we can truly create a shift within the whole. I feel it happening, but the momentum of the moment cannot let up. 


So, how do we hold two worlds? We anchor into our bodies, into the present moment. We ground. 

WOMEN… we reclaim our womb. Our sex. Our inner wisdom. Our sacred rage. Our Pleasure. (This one is calling me deeply. It’s a new journey for me)

We feel the intensity of the moment, the times we are living in. We let it break us open. We let it change us. 

We cry. 
We scream. 
We keep our eyes WIDE OPEN. 

We laugh. Yes, joy is purposeful and truly radical during a time when “they” want to keep us in fear, whomever the hell “they” is. I just know, “they” aren’t on the side of LovE. 

We educate ourselves. 

We recognize our privileges and then advocate and speak up for those who do not have the same privilege. 

We rest. Rest is so needed in order to process all that we are unearthing and birthing. 

We LovE, oh how we LovE. We LovE on all the parts of ourselves that resist change, the parts of ourselves that we have repressed, the parts that we have been told are un-fucking-lovable. I AM DONE WITH THAT OLD NARRATIVE. Aren’t you? It’s exhausting. 

We trust. We trust in humanity, in our own hearts, in the power of togetherness. 

We connect our voices to our hearts and speak our truth.

We forgive, ourself and the other. 

We heal. 
We listen. 
We express deep gratitude. 

And as we are doing all of this in real time…


We dream of a new world. 
A new world where all are safe. 
A world where we all are free. 
A world where everyone is equal. 
A world where our uniqueness and authenticity reins and is celebrated. 
A world where our voices are respected and welcome. 
A world where we grow and thrive together as one, beautiful human race. 
A world where women are respected and worshiped for their deep wisdom. 
A world where we are free to LovE who we LovE. 
A world where we are free to express our deepest emotions. 
A world where education and health care are human rights. 
A world where joy is our resting state. 
A world where rest and ease are encouraged. 
A world where we LovE the shit out of ourselves. 

You get where I’m going here! Feel free to add to this and dream up the best world for ALL. Get clear on your vision of the new world and hold it dear to your heart. Trust in your vision, in OUR vision. Trust so deeply, especially when all around us is crumbling. 


These systems were always supposed to crumble, so that a better Earth for ALL can be reborn. 

The New Earth is here! 

It’s already happening. Feel that truth. DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM THE CURRENT REALITY. It needs us all HANDS ON, HEARTS ON! 

KNOW that the chaos is leading us HOME! 

Choose the New Earth NOW! 

I LovE you, so deeply. 


  • So extraordinarily beautiful. My favorite line is “…reclaiming our shadow, the rejected pieces of our being, so that we may embody more of our light.” I’ve read it all three times now. There is a lot there, love being the core. It was comforting for me to read, but love, of course, is always comforting.

    • What I thinking that we have to live in freedom going, as on way live and love the people who we caring for no matter who you are we have to live together in one small world to care for each other no black and white hate we have to do it together one for all all for one .

    • Dear Leann Rimes,

      Thank you for this Blog in this confusing time …. helps me a lot especially with her “Instant Healing affirmations” in the Netherlands. I follow the IAMacademie with Susan Sumsky’s book ! Her book is the best tool ever to re-integrate your soul in your Body and Mind so you feel rest and peace in your innerworldas soos as possible.

      I did not now about your name till I found out this morning that the song I woke up with in my head was yours; the moonlight song or how is it called. I searched at your name at YouTube and saw that How Do I live also is yours. I now the song so well but never New it was yours. When I heared it I cried : I think it is about my soul who now is integrated in my Body and Mind! I know now how to have inner peace in every situation . I Can not live without that anymore because the Ego maken me sick with all those fears and projections.

      Thank you!
      Best regards!

      PS Did “they” also try to “get you” in the musicindustry? I think you are a pure soul so I think you have resisted “them”! ✅💪🏻🍀❤️🕊

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