It’s LovE That Guides Me

Today I had the pleasure of joining my good friend Lewis Howes at his Summit Of Greatness event. For the first time, I got to walk the room through my very own chant titled ‘It’s LovE That Guides Me’, and as promised, you can download it below. It’s a three minute, fairly quick chant for the “human and the holy”, to get you centered and connected to the totality of YOU. In-joy!


  • Love, Love, LOVE.
    Le, what a beautiful chant! I believe in affirmations every morning and throughout the day. I have songs that just come in my head that I believe guide me. Some are your songs 🙂 and some are other positive building songs. xo Jennifer

  • I was fortunate to be there for The Summit of Greatness conference to see this live and in person. LeAnn, you you put such a vulnerable, feminine and soulful start to our experience. It gave me the feeling of not being alone and even people who seem to have it all, celebrities including you, have their own struggles. I appreciate your openness to the experience and sharing your story of having a voice of your own to share. I’m a survivor of domestic abuse and never had a voice because it would have been dangerous to speak up. After leaving that toxic relationship it took going to the summit to change my past behaviors of being afraid and I have found my own independent and glorious voice. Thank you for your vulnerability and inspiring me to have strength. All the very best to you moving forward. Warm Regards,

  • Thank you so much for this! I’ve been building my own chanting practice since your talk at the Summit. I found affirmations on their own didn’t resonate for me but this 100% does. I appreciate you!

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