Lion’s Gate

Wow, this Lion’s Gate energy is contributing to so many tremendous shifts in my life and in the collective. If you are unfamiliar with the Lions gate, check out Roxanita or Lori Barron for more clarity. They both have fantastic, informative posts today. We are being purified on a very deep level. We are being asked to release and receive. It’s time to release the stories of limitation and lack. It’s a time where so much is being brought to the surface for release. 

Surrender. Receive the clearing that this energy brings. 

What is one of the strongest, outdated internal stories driving your life right now? Close your eyes, breathe deep, soft belly breaths, feel the expansion inside and then ask “what is an outdated story that’s driving my life on the deepest level?” LISTEN and TRUST the FIRST thing that comes into your consciousness. Write it down. Say it out loud and allow whatever emotions to rise. Be with yourself, hold yourself with great tenderness and LovE and see if you can feel the lie in the story. It’s all bullshit, every last bit of it. I invite you to let the lie go and change the narrative. 

For instance, the story that rose to the surface for me is an ancient one, stemming from struggling with psoriasis since I was 2 years old and from hearing adults around me put themselves down or be put down by others for their weight. (Let’s build ourselves up around our children. WORDS SINK IN) The story is that I am not beautiful and I must be perfect in all other areas of my life in order to be LovEd. When that story came rolling off my tongue to my beautiful friend Nicola Behrman yesterday I started bawling. Saying it really allowed for the emotions attached to that belief to rise to the surface and be witnessed. She then ask me, “don’t you see the lie in that?” Sometimes we can clearly see the lie but the emotions are still locked in the body. The release can take time, but recognizing the story, feeling the emotion attached and then writing a new story really allows the release and transformation to begin. 

My new narrative is “ I am luminous and need only to be ME. ALL that I am is worthy of LovE.” 

What new narrative can you create? Hear the TRUTH in your new narrative and breath it into your heart. 

We are all being guided at this time to return home to the HOLY truth of who we are. We are being invited to create our own story, one that’s written by the LovE that’s generated from inside our heart. External stories will soon no longer have power over us. Our spirit is coming out to play. It’s time we hand over life’s stage to spirit and allow it to have its way. Life can only get more magical from here. 

Celestine_light_1111 also has a potent post about today’s energy I encourage you to read. LovE and Grace to each and every soul!


  • You are such a beautiful person both inside and out!! Thank you so much for being so open and sharing that story with us! I have psoriasis as well and have huge issues with body image. My new narrative will be that I am beautiful just as I am and I am enough. Thank you for your love and open heart and encouragement to all!!

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