National Book LovErs Day

Happy National Book LovErs Day! 

If you would have told me 4 or 5 years ago that I would be an avid reader, I would have laughed. These days though, you’ll find me curled up with a good book or listening to an audio book almost daily. My journey back home to my heart and my spiritual growth have been greatly supported by many wisdom filled reads. I am deeply grateful for the authors who have influenced my life with their words, who have been brave enough to share their hearts and years of dedicated research with the world. Below are a few of my highly recommended, recent favorites. I hope they inspire your world as much as they have mine. Happy reading my LovEs!

Healing ~ by David Elliott 

David is a true healer in every sense of the word. Do the work in this book and you’ll witness your life expand in beautiful ways. 

Falling Upward ~ by Richard Rohr 

Richard’s book is FULL of deep, spiritual, life changing wisdom. This is one I will be rereading. 

Mary Magdalene Revealed ~ Meggan Watterson

This book is pure heaven and incredibly powerful. I couldn’t put it down! It spoke to my soul on such a deep level. It’s truly a masterpiece!

The Dance Of The Dissident Daughter ~ by Sue Monk Kidd

If you’re a woman, this is a must read and be warned, it will piss you off. All for the better though. I had to read this book in little spurts in order to take each piece in and process the emotions it brought up. I suggest reading this one slow and deliberately. 

The Path With Heart ~ Jack Kornfield

This booked changed my life in many ways. One of the biggest ways it helped me shift was in putting space between any wanting or grasping in certain situation to allow space for a different choice. There’s so much wisdom here. HIGHLY recommend! 

The Instruction ~ by Ainslie MacLeod 

Interested in past lives and your soul’s purpose in this lifetime? You’ll LovE this read! I’m a 9! If you read this, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Ainslie is remarkable! I’ve had a reading with him and it blew my mind. 

It’s Not Always Depression ~ by Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW 

Tangible tools to help you work though trauma and to support your emotional landscape. This is an eye opening book and its explanations really make sense. A book to refer back to often.