Powerful Intention

What if our life was a walking offering, a  living, breathing devotional? What if we offered up our gifts, simply because we have been gifted them in this lifetime? What if we danced because we have been given the gift of a body that can move or made LovE because we have been gifted a body that experiences pleasure? What if we honored each and every emotion because we have been given this vessel that can feel a rainbow of emotion and a heart that can burst open in LovE or break in agony? What if we chose to study something new because we have been given a mind in which to learn? What if the painter painted, the singer sang or the chef cooked as an offering back to the creation which gifted them the gift? What if every action came from a place of gratitude and humble reverence? 

Our intention is SO POWERFUL! It sets the energy, the tone, the frequency in which we move, in which we do the thing we have set out to do, in which we LIVE! 

I have been playing around with this idea lately, especially with music and my voice. I’ve built a daily practice of offering up my voice to creation with the intention of deep gratitude for my gift, even if it’s just making sound for a few minutes, no words needed. This practice has begun to bleed over into every part of my life, even what I am writing now, because I am writing with gratitude for the gift of communication and in service of creation and what is wanting to be spoken through me. I offer up my workouts in gratitude for a healthy body that has the ability to be agile and strong. Literally, our whole life can be lived from this place, every act performed and crafted of deep, heart felt gratitude and devotion. For me, it’s the biggest shift out of my head and judgement, into my heart and joy! I am humbled and in awe of all that I am, all that WE are. 

Are you feeling me? Will you join me in the practice… even just until the end of the year? Where in your life can you offer up yourself, your breath, your voice, your body, your gifts as an offering? Start small! Offer up your next 5, deep breaths, in gratitude for that which gives your breath. Be playful about it! Remember, we’re moving closer and closer to joy here. Talk about a practice of embodying gratitude… this is IT for me. For me, I find this the way in which to live life as one big, glorious, devotional prayer. 

What a beautiful gift creation has created in YOU! My prayer for you, is to see your magnificence too! I LovE you!

In keeping with the theme of this month’s newsletter, I have two practices that I would like to share with you this week.

On Tuesday, Dec 21st I will be inviting the sweet LovEs that have purchased a La Fréquence “Amen” holiday candle, to join me for a live chant with our candles.

I’ll also be live on Instagram with my Trainer Ali to share our 2021 Tight Tushmas, 12 days of Christmas work out with you on Wednesday, Dec 22nd at 9am PST. Stay tuned for more information on my instagram page and come break a sweat with us!

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  • Hi LeAnn,

    The Tight Tushmas workout was so much fun! I have to admit that I did not do all of the moves. 😉 I did continue to exercise in some way. Gratitude is so important. I am totally here with you. When I walk/run around my neighborhood trails, I like giving thanks to God, the Universe. I ask to open my heart and allow me to feel the wonderful life in me. XO, Jennifer

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