My Health Journey

I turn 40 this coming August and I know my body is going to begin to shift, hormonally, so I wanted to set myself up for a healthy and happy new decade. As my wholly human podcast listeners know, I saw Dr. Mindy Pelz speak on another podcast panel and bought her book, “The Menopause Reset,” which really opened my eyes to all the ways in which I needed to shift some things in my life, in order to have a smoother transition into the next phase of changes all of us women inevitably transverse. I began working with Dr. Mindy a few months ago, which has lead to me slowly begin detoxing my body and my life. I started eating for my cycle… which includes intermittent fasting and I started reassessing and recalibrating my nervous system, moving out of constant fight or flight and into a more or a balanced, sympathetic/parasympathetic state. It’s a process and a massive amount of dedication, but I’m worth it. I’ve spent most of my life on the road, touring, and never really dedicating this kind of focus and time to my health. Now, my health comes first and everything else works around that.

In this journey Dr. Mindy introduced me to red light therapy and more importantly, the company JOOVV. Truthfully, when it comes to my health, I’m pretty much game to try anything, if it’s known to support healing. With all the benefits for mental health, sleep support, mitochondria function, and hormone support, red light seemed like an obvious piece of my healing puzzle.

I use JOOVV every single day! I feel like my cells are literally drinking up the light. It’s become a key piece for energy support and the support of my overall healing. Find out more about this part of my health journey here.

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