‘Rock Talk’

The other day, while on a hike with my hubby, we stumbled upon rocks with positive messages that someone had scattered along the path. Whomever did this is the coolest and I want to thank them for the idea! It really was a nice dose of inspiration as we were struggling to catch our breath and quickly exhausting ourselves from the hills. Seeing these rocks made me pause for a moment and reminded me to open my heart to the connection that exists between us all. It’s beautiful how a simple, heartfelt gesture like this can make the day of another soul that you don’t even personally know. So, join us in spreading the LovE! Grab a few rocks, paint or use a sharpie to decorate them with your favorite quotes or words like “LovE” and “Breathe.” It’s like “Chalktalk” on rocks… It’s “Rocktalk!” ☺️ Take a hike, like literally, and go place them along the path for others to enjoy and get inspired by. We need more little bits of LovE like this scattered throughout our lives.



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  • Rock-talk! That is a really cool idea! Especially since I grew up loving Rock music! There are endless ways people can uplift others with these Rock messages!

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