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Thanks to some crazy California allergies, a round of bronchitis and  this damn Capricorn full moon we just experienced, well, it has all been wreaking havoc on my whole system over the last several weeks. Anybody else feel the fiery flames of anger this past week?  Good times!

It would be an understatement to say I’ve been in dire need of shifting this energy for myself. So, after much meditation and deliberation, I came to the mostly sane conclusion that the energy in our house was part of what needed clearing, so I decided to do a full house smudge! If you’re unfamiliar with smudging, it’s the clearing of stagnant or negative energy in your environment using the smoke from burning sage or other sacred herbs or woods.

All of us collide with other people’s energies every day, bringing them home with us from our daily encounters. Traces of family and friend’s energy can linger long after they have graced us with their presence. Sometimes, we might be carrying energy that isn’t ours, causing some confusion or upset in our environment. It’s important that we keep our personal space clean so that we may inhabit our true selves and experience our own energy and essence.

Being an artist / performer, I am someone who is naturally by trade, extremely sensitive and empathetic to other’s energies. I really have to protect and cleanse my energy field on a regular basis. Being a very public person and so accessible and vulnerable on stage, brings it’s own set of energetic challenges that I have learned how to navigate, and now, I have an even healthier exchange with my audience and my whole experience.

I have created for myself a daily, morning practice of cleansing my energy field with sage or Paolo Santo and I also utilize the same clearing ritual before and after stage, but I seem to have forgotten to regularly cleanse our home…until now!

My sweet hubby has witnessed a enormous shift in me over the past couple of years, credited to all of the energy work I have done and he continues to hold space for my growth. When I shared with him I wanted to do a major home clearing, he wanted in on the action!

I must say, it’s a beautiful ritual to do as a couple. We both felt a major shift it the overall energy of our home and our hearts right after, and the blissful effects are still hanging around. This is a powerful ritual I suggest you try, coupled or single. Do it for yourself and create some good vibes in your space.

Here’s a breakdown of how we conducted our own ritual and a few links below to aquatint you with the sacred art of smudging. Feel free to make your smudging ritual unique to you. Keep it sacred, but get creative.

  1. Open all of your windows and doors throughout your home.
  2. Put on soothing music. Chanting, drumming, anything that makes YOU feel good is key.
  3. The beautiful souls at “Holistic Hemp Co.” just so happened to have sent us some goodies that day, which contained plantable paper. Perfect timing! Eddie and I wrote down everything we wanted to call into our home, peace, prosperity, LovE, kindness, joy…you get the idea. If you don’t have or can’t find plantable paper, write a list, fold it and keep it in a special place where you or your family spend most of your time.
  4. Grab your abalone shell, your sage and your feather and get ready to begin the process
  5. Light your sage or herb/wood of choice and begin wafting the smoke,starting at the back of your home, at the corner furthest from the door, working your way to the front of your home. Kindly ask the negative energy to leave. Then, begin bringing into your consciousness your intentions that you wrote down. Keep those intentions in your mind, repeating them to yourself as you move through your home. Really allow yourself to feel them in your body as if you were experiencing them right there in the moment. The whole process is explained here and here and an in depth explanation of the herbs, woods and process is explained here too by my friend Ashley Neese 
  6. After smudging your space back to front, ending at the front door, smudge the inside and outside of the door frame really well. Eddie and I sealed our ritual with a kiss outside the front door.
  7. Leave the sage outside in the abalone shell, still burning, leaving it to burn out on it’s own.
  8. Say a prayer for blessings and protection over your sacred space.
  9. After the sage is completely burned out, pour the ashes on Mother Earth and bury them.
  10. If you happen to have written your intentions on plantable paper, bury them in the morning with the sunrise.
  11. En-joy your good vibes

Share your sage experiences below!

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  • I love this cleansing. I have done this exact same thing a few times in the past. Not only does it cleanse the home but it cleanses my body as well. I have the dreaded herps, (yuck), and when they flare, my god i see stars. Pills did nothing for me. But trying this really helped settle them down, and now I don’t get nearly as many flareups. Its a god send. My new boyfriend doesn’t even know I have them. 😉

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