Chalk Talk

Oh, how I LovE this quote and have learned to begin to lean into the resistance. The universe is asking me to break through some big stuff right now and it SUCKS! It’s so uncomfortable, but I know it’s my only way to freedom and to soaring higher. Anybody feel me? What are you resisting? What’s even the smallest step you can take to begin to lean in and work with the resistance, not against it? Here’s to flying!!

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  • For some reason I have found myself to be so cynical and resistant to happiness. And I don’t like it. There has been so much trauma from my childhood that had lead to these survival instincts of negativity, which were needed to survive. But I don’t need them anymore. I want to be positive and happy with every bit of my being.

    The smallest step I can take today is to be conscience of what I am feeding my heart. For example, I could take a small step today to listen to uplifting and empowering music. One day at a time.

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