Surrendering To The Climb

As I’m writing this it’s 5:55 am on the morning of my birthday. I LovE recurring numbers, as I’m sure you all know. I’m wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, it’s a little chilly out. Something about this morning feels like Christmas morning to me. There’s so much excitement and joy in my heart that I couldn’t sleep any longer, so I got out of bed and cozied up to write. 

In celebration of my birthday, Eddie and I packed up and took a road trip to the mountains in our RV. Being amongst the giant pines, wading in pristine, crystal clear lakes, cuddling up amid cool weather in the dead of summer… my version of heaven! 

As soon as we arrived at our destination we dove right into all things outdoors, especially hiking. Hiking and I have a LovE/Hate relationship…. mostly LovE, but it sure as hell can piss me off, especially hiking uphill. It’s always triumphant and heavenly once we reach the top, but I will admit, on many a hike I have wanted to turn around, but I stop, regroup, catch my breath and keep on walking. 

Heading downhill yesterday, I had a bit of a revelation… LIFE FEELS A LOT LIKE HIKING! 

Some moments in life you are trekking up the mountain and others feel like the relief of a downhill descent. The only difference in life and hiking is that with hiking, you usually know how long the climb is. Except, if you veer off the path, as we did yesterday and the climb becomes longer than expected… THAT, feels more like an accurate comparison to life. 

Right now, in this moment in time, life feels like an uphill climb, not just personally, but collectively. There will be times we will want to quit and turn back around, except where the fuck do we turn back around to? That doesn’t even seem like an option anymore. 

Let this serve as a reminder that it’s better to pause, rest, catch your breath and keep climbing. That pause is SO IMPORTANT and what lies ahead is WAY better than anything we could find that’s left behind. 

Get pissed too! Let that anger fuel your climb! I’m releasing the shame in my anger game and it feels freaking good to claim my anger. 

Also, another revelation…


Notice I didn’t say battle… perspective people! 

Here’s what I learned on my enlightened hike… if we surrender into the challenge, the sweat, the elevated heart rate, the feeling of moving through mud… it can be easy. Well, not physically, but at least there’s not two opposing energies. You aren’t resisting the challenge, you are surrendering to it. That way, energy is freed up to give yourself wholeheartedly to the climb. 

So, after that pep talk, take a deep breath in… let it out. Bring some ease into your body, relax what is tense, even if there’s just a 10% softening. 

Now, where in your life can you surrender to the climb? How much energy are you giving away to resistance? 


I LovE You!


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