Hello 38

Hello 38! There’s something softer, yet even more powerful about you already! A deeper trust. A new level of surrender. A good dose of who the f*ck knows what’s next. A greater innerstanding of true worth. A profound LovE of self that continues to deepen. A rededication and devotion to purpose, passion, wholeness, joy! THAT is what I see in those eyes! Grateful to be given the gift of another year around the sun ☀️

When you look into your own eyes, at however many years around the sun ☀️ you are right now, what do you see?! And if you haven’t taken the time to look into your own eyes lately, please do and share with me what you discover below… Eye LovE You!


  • Wow feel so great to hear from you miss leAnn I whis you very happy birthday big kiss from me t you have nice and happy birthday today enjoy it sweetheart you deserve it I whis I could enjoy you there to celebrate your birthday together whit your family now one last kiss be safe and carefully god bless you and your family
    Greetings peter

  • I look in the mirror and focus on my eyes. I see love, passion, grateful for my life and for my healthy body. Blessed for everything I have and my healthy loving soul. I do believe in affirmations when I look at myself in a mirror. I cheer myself on and encourage me to keep it up the good work and stay positive and hopeful. I tell myself “Don’t let negative energy in and do not let it get me down!”

  • Eyes tell us everything. But I feel like I don’t know myself lately and I don’t want my eyes to lie. It’s been a sh&tty year but I have faith things will turn around for all of us. How can I feel good about myself when humanity around me is constantly questioned and attacked.

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