Chalk Talk

How often are you near truth? How often do you allow joy and peace to arise within you, to settle into that state and allow it to be your home base? If I’m being really honest, that’s not where I use to hang out. Joy was just a word, a far off feeling I thought had escaped me since childhood. And peace, ha, what was that? Stress, contraction, anxiety, force… that’s where I lived. Though, these days, I give myself permission to make my home in a new place, in a truer place of joy and peace. Since my nervous system isn’t familiar with my new home just yet, joy and peace are a constant, conscious choice and some days an internal war, one in which I “lose,” or better yet, I learn. I learn how to come back home to my true self, my wholeness, joy, peace and connectedness. And when I’m wandering amongst the chaos, somehow, I still feel a connection to my new home, which use to not be the case. Knowing what joy truly feels like and being able to choose it, to stay connected to peace, to wholeness, even in times of great discomfort, has been one of my greatest discoveries… one of my sweetest homecomings. I wish this for you too. I LovE you!

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