The Beginning

Do you ever feel called to a specific mission? The calling, stirring from deep within your gut, gnawing a hole in you, and you can no longer bare the pain any longer?

As the Maya Angelo quote goes “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  Well, that’s a snapshot of my insides for the past few years, pure agony.

The agony being, that I had this very exciting idea, but too afraid to jump in head first and actually bring it into fruition… ’til now.

Something has been calling me, a message? A mission? The universe?

The calling has become so loud that I have no choice but to listen and follow instructions. My instructions have been to first begin to heal myself, which I have been vigilantly working on since my 30th birthday when I decided to face my pain and check myself into a treatment center for anxiety and depression.

I finally quit running. It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done. Since then, I’ve had many ups and downs and have searched high and low for ways to become more of a whole person.  I wanted so desperately to be at peace and be able to enjoy life and all the LovE that surrounded me.

Sometime in early 2015 I stumbled upon Cameron Diaz’s  The Body Book” on Instagram. There I saw a post about an energy healer and breath work teacher, Ashley Neese.  Her type of work was something I had never experienced before and intrigued me very much.  My intuition told me to contact her, but my ego suggested otherwise.

I thought my family and friends would think I was crazy to want to contact someone for energy work that I just stumbled upon on Instagram.  I now realize that’s how the universe works. We must take it’s promptings and run with them, even if they make no sense at the time or scare us half to death.

After about 5 months of Ashley popping up in my Instagram feed almost on the daily, I finally reached out. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but what was one session with her going to hurt?  One session has turned into a year and a half of her guiding me through releasing old blocks, ancient pain and lots of soul searching. She has provided me with so many tools and has taught me how to become my own healer. She was literally heaven sent.

On this never ending healing journey, I have been able to eradicate a lot of the fear that has caused me so much anxiety and self doubt. I have been able to begin to remember who I am, who we all are.  Through books of wisdom, teachers who’ve held space for me to fall apart and begin again, breath work, Kundalini yoga, mindfulness and learning to become my own healer,  I have shifted my life in ways I never believed possible.

I am in the process of rewiring my brain, connecting my head and my heart so that they work as a team and not against one another.

I am far from healed, but I am farther away than ever from the dark and possessive bind of fear. I have found LovE and LovE I want to share.

I’ve known spreading the message of LovE has been one of my missions ever since I couldn’t stop writing about it on my latest album “Remnants,” but my mission has become even clearer of recent.  I’ve been handed many pieces of a puzzle over the past couple of years. I’ve understood them each separately, but have never quite understood what bigger picture they were to create together. One thing I’ve been sure of though is that the excitement and joy, like electric currents running through my veins every time a piece came to me, meant I was on to something. I was being given the next big pieces of my soul mission.

The title of this blog came to me 4 years ago laying on a dock, by the lake in Big Bear. The topic of having children came up and Eddie and I began talking names. EverLe is a name we both loved if we had a little girl. Now I see it was another type of “baby” named EverLe that needed to be born, but it wasn’t until 2 years later while trying to create a title for this project, wandering the streets of London with my dear friend did something whisper in my ear and remind me of the name. It just clicked and I was as sure as the the day is long that my mission, the brand, the blog, the everything was to be called “EverLe.”

I’m a seeker, constantly eager to learn how to be a more effective, bright, fully embodied spirit. I’m on my own personal journey of evolution and I hope by sharing my experiences, knowledge, bits of wisdom, my sometimes messy and painful mistakes, my triumphs, my joy, my heart and soul, someone out there is inspired to embark on or expand their own evolutionary journey.

EverLe’s mission is to help awaken and heal the human spirit, to shine the light of LovE in the darkest of places, to help people remember the creative, magnificent, healers we all are and to be a conduit to connect soulful individuals to one another.

EverLe hopes to provide a space free of shame, guilt and judgement but rather full of authenticity, grace, joy and LovE. So, let’s DEVOTE ourselves to experiencing as much JOY as possible, connecting with our VILLAGE of like hearted friends, shining a SPOTLIGHT on our greatness and indulging our every whim of WANDERLUST while in this vibrant SOUL CASE!   Welcome to the world, the “Soul of EverLe.”


  • I love what you’re doing. The world needs this bravery, this vulnerability now. xx

  • Randomly attended one of your concerts, started following you on Instagram and quickly connected with #chalktalk; fate and that universe thing. There is more work for me to do and so glad you are providing some more avenues for my personal growth!

  • What an inspirational start to this journey. I know first-hand how the universe works in our lives to guide us along our path. I have lived a life riddled with addiction and I finally have found my way home. Sober. It takes a lot to expose ourselves to the world with such honestly, Le. 🙂

  • I loved reading this. You are truly amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

  • Thank You for Your sharing. I have experienced and still experiencing through my yoga a similar healing journey and to be able to be more Joyful and Happy with lots of Love everyday is the greatest feeling inside and still being on a journey of the self, through the self to the self. Thank You for Your words and inspiration.

  • I love the first blog you wrote about your own personal experiences and journeys. I, too, am impressed by the fact that people, like you, have the ability to express themselves through blogging. I feel it, too. So, that’s why we should write whatever we feel about themselves.

  • Amazing & inspiring. I have a similar project from five years ago that I HAD to go for despite it being raw and required going out on a limb but gut instinct is simply never wrong.
    I’m so happy to have connected directly to select people and made a difference ,so much positivity unfolded. And much potential still to carry on
    Day to day life is only scratching the surface of what is to be experienced in the universe, there are so many more layers!

  • You are so brave doing this and opening up. I too suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. I look forward to EverLe taking off and everyone of us coming together and understanding eachother without judgement. I’ve said it time and time again, you’re a beautiful soul Le! Xoxo

  • This was so heartfelt and honest… very brave of you to do. You have definitely been on a journey and I think you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to do. You’re teaching and healing through your experiences and stories. You’ve come so far over the past few years and it’s really a beautiful thing to see. You have always aspired to inspire and you’re doing it. Not only through your music/voice, but with your soul bearing stories. Your journey of life is helping others learn, grow, heal… thank you. EverLe… I’ve always loved that name since you told me. I look forward to many more blogs to come. You have a way with words that comes across so eloquently, authentic, loving, yet powerful. Great Job, you should be proud le. XX

  • Freedom of shame to be who we really are is a concept many of us only dream of. To be encouraged to not only seek it, but to share our messy selves with each other, can surely bridge that gap of fear that keeps us grounded in hate not only of our neighbor, but of ourselves. I am all in. Ready to renew my faith in the power of my own strength and to learn from those souls stronger than me.

  • I have chills LeAnn. Chills. You were obviously meant for this, and I can’t wait to follow along this beautiful, healing journey!! ❤

  • Just beautiful. I thankyou for this and hope that you can be an inspiration to many of us that are seeking a journey of self, to find the strength to work on our own puzzle. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Since the first time I ever heard the song “one way ticket” on the radio I knew you were my altime favorite singer. It wasn’t soon after that my dream came true and I got to see you live and in concert at Knotts Berry Farm with Rick D’s and Valentine from 102.7. Man! That was a great show. Seeing you live and up close was a huge dream I had hoped and prayed for every night as a child. I knew if I prayed hard enough one day God would set up a meet and greet with you. I’m so happy that, that dream has come true for me not just once but many times. Since then I have been following you not only in concert but I truly love and have all your music ❤️ You are amazing LeAnn and I am so proud of the woman you have become. You are not only a woman with many talents, but you are a girl that has so much love, kindness, forgiveness, and passion in you heart and that’s something that I truly admire about you. I personally love how when life gets you down… you rise above it and use that to help inspire others who may be going through similiar struggles. You have not only inspired me, but I know you are making a difference in all the lives you cross paths with, for that I just want to say thanks. I feel so thankful that I have gotten to meet you as many times as I have, yet have to be honest! every time I get the opportunity of seeing you again in concert..l feel like that same excited 7 year old child who was dreaming of one day meeting and seeing you live in concert for the first time. I’m always on cloud 9 when your name is involved.

    I’m not sure if you remember me but I was the fan who gave you and your ex a ton of baby gifts in Primm. That was one concert and meet and greet I will never forget. I remember you starting to cry, yet said they were happy tears when you opened the thermometer binky, diapers, baby clothes and baby monitor that I got for you. Seeing you and Dean smile made my heart so happy. I have to say for years shortly after that I thought maybe I hurt you by giving you that gift 😢 My only intention at that time was to show you all my love and support as I know you were talking about wanting to have a baby at that time. I was just so excited to hear that you wanted to be a mommy. I knew then, just as much as I do know now that you would make a great mom to any child you carried in your arms. I just hope and pray that I didn’t hurt you that day and that you could one day forgive me if those happy tears I saw were actually sad tears. I’ve wanted to ask you a few times now if you were upset by me that day, but could never really knew how to say it. Seeing your beautiful blog today felt like maybe today was a good time to pour my heart out to you. Any who, I just hope you know how much you are loved and cared for. I’ll always be there to support and lift you up to others. You saved me when I was at my weakest and to this day, you are inspiring me to follow my dreams and passions. Thank you LeAnn. I’m really excited to see you again on June 29th at Del Mar Fairgrounds… not sure if you are going to have a meet and greet just yet, but crossing my fingers I could see you again. Love you and pray for you and your family daily. You guys rock 😘

  • You have been a light in my darkness for years and this blog touches me in ways I didn’t think possible.
    Thank you, for being so raw and honest with your fans and for putting your own vulnerability on display – I can’t even fathom the courage this step takes.

  • That’s was beautifully worded! I too am on a healing journey and look forward to the wisdom you share!

  • So glad to hear someone use the phrase “rewiring my brain” – I am with you! After reading both posts on your blog today I am very excited to see what EverLe evolves too. I am inspired and relate to your words so much and look forward to future posts. We all need a safe place to feel vulnerable, to share the dark and the light on our inner journey. Thank you ❤️

  • I believe we’ve all been called. We all have a purpose. God is a masterful creator and His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us. I love to write and I feel like writing is one of the gifts He’s given me. I hope to one day use my writing to help others, as you do, and to bring Him glory! Writing is such a tricky thing. It’s so personal and I can completely relate to being afraid to share it.

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