The Path Of The Heart

How often do you pause for a moment and ponder “am I really following my heart?”
Are you brave enough to actually ask yourself that question and if you are, are you even braver to follow the messages it whispers to you? If I’m being honest, I ask myself this often, but many of my perceived fears keep me from completely walking the path of the heart.

Not long ago I experienced a beautiful 48 hours of a powerful awakening, 48 hours of pure clarity that was induced by a life changing book “Conversations With God.” During those two days the whole world made sense and my heart was wide open. I was in LovE with everyone and everything that came into view. There was no fear, no insecurity, just pure LovE. It was incredibly euphoric and fulfilling to experience this world from a vastly open space. Experiencing such a powerful state of awareness had me so very deeply in touch with my true essence, out of body and intertwined with spirit. The duality of my thoughts also became very clear. It was almost like I was split in half, one voice being “my mind” and the other voice, “the spirit of my heart.”  In every relationship and every situation, within seconds of one another I would basically experience two thoughts.
The first was always my heart speaking, guiding me to live from the space of LovE, never worrying whether or not I would look or sound dumb, be rejected or unsupported in following my natural instincts, which are completely a 180 from where we as a society have been conditioned to exist from.
The second thought was my mind, constantly trying to interfere and talk me out of my divine nature. Telling me how dumb I was going to look, how I would get hurt or that my intuition was just the voice of my wishful, internal child believing she could change the world and who the hell was I to believe that.
In this heightened state of awareness, I was able to clearly recognize which path was beckoning me, tugging at my soul to follow it and which path was just noise.
Everywhere I went I was following my heart. I was talking to everyone, telling them how beautiful they were, hugging people longer, thanking the ones I LovE for simply existing, taking the time to help anyone in need and i found myself performing on stage from a heightened place of joy. My soul was fulfilled and I noticed I wasn’t looking outside of myself for validation or for LovE. I was filling myself up and from this space of such deep connection with myself and all of the world. Eventually, this subsided and I went back to my usual internal war, but this time I was living with a new perspective.
I am now very aware of these two trains of thought, although some days more than others are easier, but I’m able to choose the path of the heart more often than not.

I won’t sugarcoat this path and pretend that it is easy, but it is a glorious gift to our souls and the collective soul of humanity. As a collective, we are in dire need of more of us daring to follow this path. We must become spiritual soldiers, lighting the way for the all of humanity to jump on board the LovE train.  It’s time we work toward divine symentry between our head and our heart.

So, I wonder, where in your life are you talking yourself out of your heartfelt desires and impulses?
Can you recognize these two thought processes within yourself?
What would your life look like if you walked the heart path?
What fears would need to dissolve for you to walk this walk?
How would your relationships shift?
What truth would you speak?

I am holding your hand as we embark on this journey together. I LovE you!




  • I try to walk this path but your music helps light the way when the road through darker thoughts calls out to me. I hope you sing LovE Is An Army once again to remind us all what is important.

  • Wreckless heart
    Take hold of the wheel
    You’re headed for a fall
    For a fall
    Torn apart
    Is how you’ll feel
    But it’s all for love
    All for love
    – Glen Hansard

  • I think this is so awesome and the way you expressed this leaves me grateful and so happy because I see this happening with me and I am euphoric over it!! Some days don’t you just want t o walk around loving everyone?! And then there’s the days where I’ve felt, oh No! It’s over, where is all the lightness?! But like you said the voice of spirit is getting clearer and im remembering who i am, who we all are and im back in that space of love, and I feel free, light and IN LOVE with everything. This year more and more Goddesses will rise, feel a so good to awaken. Thank you for sharing it strengthens my walk.

  • Thank you so much for the all the LovE sessions you gave us over the past 2 weeks. I can only imagine how difficult it was to sing the last song considering the news today but we can hope that LovE is the true answer and that if each one of us makes a difference to someone else, it will spread and overcome any obstacles. You do make a difference!

  • Leanne, this is so beautiful. I resonate with this so deeply and have had a very similar experience. I am so happy that you had this beautiful experience and now hold a new perspective – isn’t it just the best thing in the world!! Excited to connect with you and look forward to reading more. sending you love xo

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