Trusting Our Intuition

Are you listening?

When the little whispers from spirit come and tickle your ear, are you paying attention? 

When a deep knowing suddenly comes out of nowhere and makes your heart flutter with excitement or drop to the bottom of your stomach in horror, are you validating your inner wisdom? 

When your body is overtaken by chills from something or someone that sends raw emotion throughout every inch of you, be it the undulating ecstasy of joy or the vile, hollowness of disgust, ARE YOU LISTENING? 

And if you ARE listening, are you taking heed or are you shoving your innate wisdom down into the darkest corners of your world, numbing out any way you can, denying your intuitive gifts and trusting everyone and everything else BUT YOU? 

Where are you on this journey? 

I’ve always been deeply in touch with my intuition, but somewhere along the way I stopped trusting myself. I’ve stayed too long in relationships I knew needed to end. I’ve made business decisions that went against my gut instinct. I began listening to all the outside noise instead of my heart and every time I ended up angry as hell at those involved. And because I already KNEW the outcome, I began to understand that who I was really angry with was me, because I abandoned myself, my wisdom, my needs and my desires. This I have learned, but am still fully embodying… 


Even when your intuition makes no sense. Even when you go with your intuition and it seems to take you down the “wrong” path. Trust me, it’s still the “right” one. There’s something for you to learn down the path your soul just sent you down. There’s something delicious at the end of that road that’s exactly what your soul needs to propel it into a deeper, expanded level of loving consciousness. Trusting the pings of our heart will sometimes make no sense at all, but intuition is not meant to be understood by the analytical mind. Intuition is to be felt, which is why being in tune with our body is greatly important. It’s so easy to disconnect from our soul case and ignore its messages, but wholeness is about coming home to our wise body and trusting in its wisdom when it speaks. 

There have been two things that I’ve been practicing which have been incredibly helpful in tuning into the messages of my being.

I sit with my eyes closed and breathe deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth. I scan my body and see if there may be any discomfort or pain. If and when I find something, I direct deep breath into that area and first, softly mutter hello, acknowledging its existence. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to shift our discomfort, witnessing and validating our own experience without judgement or the need to rid ourselves of the experience we are having. Our soul longs for us to get curious and intimate with it, so stay inquisitive, compassionate and loving as you explore your inner terrain. After a little hello, feel into the sensation of your discomfort, pain or tightness. Does it have a temperature, a color, a shape? What does the actual sensation feel like? Is it stabbing, throbbing, constricting? Once you have a clear picture, speak to it as you would a dear friend. Ask it what it needs to express. Then, breathe, sit and wait. Don’t question what arises, trust that what is coming up for you is what needs to be heard and felt. Allow whatever emotions to flow. Be with the whole experience until you feel a shift, even the slightest shift is a beautiful thing. 

If there’s one major realization I’ve had about intuition, it’s don’t question what arises, even if it seems strange or silly. The first, thought, feeling, emotion… that’s it! Throughout my day, spirit speaks pretty clearly in my ear. Yep, I am officially one of the “crazy people” that hears voices. Lol 

It sends very clear messages that hit me like a deep knowing, super clear guidance from the piece of myself that just… well, knows. 

Recently, I’ve been keeping a list titled “Spirit Speaks.” I refer back to it every day. My list keeps me inspired and in alignment with my soul’s deepest longings. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND starting your own list. It sends the message to the universe that you are ready to listen. Whenever you get a hit about anything at all that feels like it deeply lands within your heart, write it down. The universe and spirit are constantly trying to communicate with us and all we have to do is ask. I’ll link my list below, so you may draw inspiration from it, if needed. And be warned, in the most non-frightening way, when we write our soul’s longings down and don’t align with them in our daily life, the universe will get your attention in some way, shape or form. For instance, my body has been begging me to slow down and I have been completely overriding it. Recently, I got knocked on my ass by a horrible cough and illness that forced me to chill the f@!# out for two weeks. During that time, I surrendered and am now restructuring my days to align with my soul’s desire and not without a lot of discomfort and push back from my old beliefs and fears. When we go to make a shift in our lives to align with soul all of the negativity and fear gets REALLY LOUD! I am learning that my old, societal programming doesn’t align with my soul a lot of the time and I am having to get real with myself and do some deep inner work in order to calm my ego’s fears and step into the wisdom of my heart. More on that in the next newsletter, but for now…

Open your heart to yourself, my LovEs. Your sweet, intelligent, all knowing soul is waiting for you to return home. I LovE you, always! 

Spirit Speaks List

Have everything carry the same weight as work, success and achieving. RELATIONSHIPS, REST, PLAY, SEX, RITUAL

Relax and be patient 

Allow the Earth to mother you (belly on ground)

Follow your heart sweet girl. It may lead you into utter darkness but it will also lead you out

Rest in Trust

Rest in Grace

Rest in LovE 

Accept where you are in your experience and add more goodness to your life. Don’t worry about taking away what no longer serves you, just add more good and it will naturally replace what is no longer in alignment

Stay open to the possibility of a better plan than what you could ever imagine 

Fall in love with the moment, with what is in front of you 

You can’t get it wrong 


When you say no to something, you say yes to something else. Saying no to work means saying yes to the other things that are just as important 

You do not have to carry everything for everyone. Discern what is mine. That is the only thing I am responsible to carry

Let joy into my body. When something wonderful happens, take a moment and feel where the feeling lands in my body. Stay with the feeling. Memorize it 

Long walks, yoga, easy weights 2-3 x a week. SLOW DOWN AND TRUST.


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  • This was a great read. I am going to try these things. Maybe it’ll help me with my stress and anxiety I deal with on a daily basis. I love reading your words and I want to thank you so much for taking your time to share such personal stuff with us. You have always been and will continue to be an inspiration to me! ❤️

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