Earth Day

Our mother is crying out for LovE. 

At this point, after so many years of neglect, Mother Earth is wailing wildly in pain, beckoning her children to step up and take part in her healing. 

For far too long we have inhabited her beautiful lands unmindfully. It’s now time, that we mindfully assess our lives and do our part in the mending of our home, or not too long from now, we won’t have one. 

Even the smallest changes in our every day life, helping to contribute to the solution instead of adding to the already insurmountable problem can make a massive difference. Right now, one of the biggest issues we are facing is our mass production and overuse of plastic. Just to name a few mind blowing stats to put things into perspective…

  1. Since 1950, around 8.3 BILLION TONS of plastic has been produced and only 9% has been recycled.
  2. 73 % of beach litter worldwide is plastic
  3. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world EVERY MINUTE and this number is due to increase by 20% by 2021 if we don’t make some changes. 
  4. Worldwide, about 2 million plastic bags are used EVERY MINUTE.
  5. Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year.
  6. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth 4 TIMES.
  7. Plastic counts for around 10% of the total waste we generate.
  8. It’s 500 to 1,000 YEARS for plastic to degrade.
  9. Plastic chemicals can be absorbed by the body. 93% of Americans, age 6 or older test positive for BPA (a plastic chemical) 
  10. Some of these plastic compounds found in plastic have been found to alter hormones and have other potential human health side effects 

Is your mouth full on dropped open in shock right now like mine was when I read all of those stats? (You can read more about this on Global Citizen and Eco Watch) WE MUST DO SOMETHING and it all starts with us each doing our part, in our own homes and businesses.

So, here at SOE we put together some of our favorite products to help make it easy for you to make some changes and effect a shift towards a better future for our planet. Products that my family and I are personally using in our home. 

Simply Gum

If you’re looking for a super tasty yet more eco friendly gum, then look no further than our favorite, Simply Gum. This natural gum is synthetic free, non GMO certified (it’s also vegan, nut friendly, soy and palm free), biodegradable, no artificial colouring and comes in six yummy flavors. Find out more here!

Twist Scrub Sponges

We use this product a lot in our house and LovE them. Unlike other sponges, these are dye free and do not contain any plastics or toxic adhesives. They are dishwasher friendly so they last much longer and are 100% biodegradable. Find out more here

Aspire Silicone Drinking Lids

If you like a hot drink on the go but also want to reduce the amount of plastic you use, this one is for you. These reusable silicone drinking lids fit most travel cups/ mugs and can even be used on your next Starbucks trip. Find out more about the product and sizes available here!

Bees Wrap – Reusable Food Wraps

We are all guilty of using too much plastic in the kitchen, but this product has really helped reduce the waste in our home. The wraps are handmade using organic cotton, sustainably harvested bees wax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, which makes them 100% biodegradable. They are super easy to clean and even if used several times a week, the product should last for around a year. Find out more here!

Flow Water

Flow water is not just good on the inside, it’s good on the outside too. Its naturally alkaline pH of 8.1 increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream, lubricates muscles and boosts energy throughout the day and the sustainable packaging is 100% recyclable, made with up to 70% renewable material. Find out more here!

Final Straw

Americans alone use 500 million straws a day and this company is helping make a huge difference when it comes to plastic waste with their reusable straws. These straws come in a super fun case with and even attach to your keyring so you’ll never forget it. Find out more here!

Stasher Reusable Bags

These reusable storage/ sandwich bags are a must have for anyone looking to reduce their plastic waste. Not only are they great for storing food but they can be used to freeze leftovers, defrosting, cooking food in the microwave and can even be used to transport liquids in your hand luggage when travelling. I LovE them and I think you will too. Find out more here!

Sandstone and Sage Produce Bags

Reduce your carbon footprint drastically with these durable, machine washable produce bags. The bags are 100% cotton and contain no trace of plastic based materials. This product is even shipped in recycled packaging which is pretty neat. Find out more here!

20 Simple Ways to cut down on your personal plastic footprint…

  1. Carry your own retractable, reusable straw
  2. Take a reusable coffee cup or at least a reusable top that fits on most cups of coffee you would buy while you’re out and about. 
  3. Take your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Bags to carry your groceries and mesh bags for buying produce.
  4. If you know you may be bringing home a doggie bag from lunch or dinner, pop a reusable container in your bag to save on plastic takeout containers.
  5. When ordering out, pass on the plastic cutlery and bring your own reusable set. Request that they do not add the plastic cutlery to your order.
  6. Did you know most gum is made from synthetic rubber aka PLASTIC! Try this gum instead
  7. Purchase food like cereal, rice, and pasta from bulk bins, using reusable bags. You’ll save on unnecessary packaging.
  8. Invest in a refillable metal lighter instead of using plastic lighters
  9. The EPA estimates that around 7.6 billion pounds of disposable diapers are disposed of in the US each year. Use cloth diapers instead AND same major $
  10. Skip the ziplock storage bags and try reusable silicone storage bags instead. This one thing alone has made a HUGE difference in my family and my household’s plastic waste footprint.
  11. Invest in a good razor with disposable blades instead of using disposable razors.
  12. Swap plastic wrap for Bee’s Wrap! Eco friendly, sustainable, non plastic, reusable food storage wrap. 
  13. Opt for wool dryer balls with a few drops of your favorite essential oil instead of dryer sheets.
  14. When ordering pizza, pass on the little plastic table in the middle of the pizza box. Hey, every little bit helps. 
  15. Go for the cone! Grab your ice cream in a cone instead of in a plastic lined cups. 
  16. Bring your plastic containers for things like berries and cherry tomatoes back to your grocer to be recycled or refill them at your local farmers market. 
  17. Buy as many cleaning products, such as your detergents in cardboard boxes. 
  18. Use natural cleaning cloths and sponges instead of plastic scrubbers and synthetic sponges.
  19. Make the switch to bar soap instead of liquid soap.

Today, on Earth Day, there’s no better day to make the pledge to LovE our Mother more and contribute any way we can to her healing.