Chalk Talk

Happy Wednesday LovEs! Breath is the simplest, most accessible tool we have readily available to us in our healing toolbox. When we deepen our breathing our lives deepen, we create space within and allow our nervous system to downshift out of sympathetic (our usual go go go mode) into a more healing mode of parasympathetic. In my own experience, awareness of my breath and breathwork practices have been the biggest things that has changed my life. With breath, we can be in control of our inner experience at any time. Yes, we can shift fear into excitement. When we are fearful, we tend to hold our breath. When we began to breath and expand amongst that fear, we invite in a whole different experience. We can begin to create some space between the fear and our stories surrounding the fear, which allows for new choices to reveal themselves. My breathwork teacher, Ashley Neese has just released her first book “How To Breathe.” I highly recommend getting yourself a copy. With daily practice, your world will take on a different shape. Remember to breathe deep my LovEs! Your soul, your body, the whole world will thank you. I LovE you!