Vision… internal, external, what I envision for my future… Vision seems to be a theme bubbling up for me lately.

Internal/ Inner Vision/ Envision…
I’m being asked to search within to clarify what it is I’m truly wanting in many aspects of my life. I’ve been clear, but my soul is beckoning me to get crystal on my wants, needs, dreams and desires. It’s a difficult task for a giver like myself. I have a guilt that lurks in dark corners whenever I imagine I’m dreaming too big or desiring something other than what I have. The guilt keeps me much, much smaller than I am. Though, the kind of awareness I have around the guilt these days is allowing me to shed that which no longer served me, so that I may annihilate the safe box I have so beautifully and neatly packed myself in. I know whatever I discover will make for one hell of an interesting ride.

I find myself looking deeper into the eyes of others, into my own eyes. I’m finding that I hear better through them. I hear what’s not said, I hear past words. I’ve begun to experience the soul past thoughts, past form, and all through simply looking deeper into the eyes. There’s a heightened level of intimacy that a lot of us are walking through life never experiencing because we are afraid to lock eyes with someone long enough, in fear of being seen ourselves. We are even afraid to stare at ourselves too long in the mirror. I know in the past, I have found it incredibly difficult to stare at my own reflection, picking everything apart instead of admiring my unique beauty. That’s all changed for me lately. I find myself curious about what’s in there, past these eyes. What are they trying to tell me? They seem to be very expressive lately and in need of speaking a new language I have yet to completely decipher. I find myself softening to myself and others just by seeing a new piece of them, the truth of them. Everything and everyone is more beautiful than ever.

So how’s your vision lately? Crystal clear? 20/20? Walking through the world blind? How can you get clearer?

Try really looking into the eyes of another. Accept a compliment or say thank you with direct eye contact. Tell someone you LovE them and hold their gaze for longer than normal. In fact, say no words, just speak with your eyes. Set a timer for at least 5 minutes and stare into your own eyes in the mirror. See what comes up for you, really FEEL into it. I’d LovE to know what you find.




  • Yummy stuff you wrote. I am doing the same lately. It’s very anxiety producing for me. Looking into myself. Accepting all of me. Maybe I say weird things. Maybe I didn’t have a filter on that day. Maybe I am just being me. Learning to love all of me. This is my vision. My hopes and dreams for peace at last. Thank you!

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