12 Days Of Christmas

Got a soulful question to ask? I’d LovE to answer it! Just comment below with  a question and I’ll be choosing 12 to riff on during Soul Of EverLe’s “12 days of Christmas.”

We’ll also be posting a “Tight Tush Twelve” workout every day for 12 days to keep our healthy habits rolling during the holiday season and randomly surprising SOE subscribers with some holiday goodies! It all starts tomorrow!




  • Hi! I love seeing the way you live your life. Although it’s different than mine physically, I share similar understandings of joy and peace. My question is, do you follow the moon cycles? This month will be the first month I will be doing a ritual around the new moon. I am excited to feel more connected to Mother Nature and the rhythm of life—letting go and letting in 💕

  • What are some inspiring/soul searching books you’ve been reading lately? How do you find your material, word of mouth or researching a certain author?

  • What do you feel is the time in your life that you learned the most about yourself? You are the best! I hope you always know your fans love you!

  • Hi Leann! Your music has always been very inspiring to me, and your new album, Remnants, is super amazing! I was wondering how songwriting, especially with your album Remnants, helps you through tough times.

    I met you earlier this year at the AOL Build series in New York, thank you again for stopping to say hi to me! I can’t wait for your next album, and until then I will have Learning Your Language and Love Line on repeat 🙂

    – Andrew

  • I would love some easy recipes and ideas on how to incorporate more of a vegetarian diet into my lifestyle. I’ve recently been diagnosed with kidney problems and heart issues and need help. I come from a world of hamburger meat and patatoes lol!!

  • Hey Le!!
    My question for you is, what continues to inspire you everyday? A person, a thing, a concept?

    I teach horse back riding at a children’s residential treatment center, and they inspire me everyday. However, listening to their stories hurts my heart.
    I do daily meditation as well as reading.

    Everyday, I look forward to Soul of EverLe to help my mind, body, and heart.
    Thanks for what you do ❤

  • How do I teach myself patience? If I can be patient in my process I feel like I will better enjoy the journey.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer questions sweetie… i remember you said you love taking vitamins? Name your top 5 ones you cannot live without?

  • Thank you so much for this amazing blog! It’s so inspirational and positive!

    For me, music is therapy. Do you listen to certain genres of music depending on your mood? What songs or artists have helped you through tough days?

    -Kristin Begnaud

  • When did you dicover your voice? There are a lot of women singers out there, but your voice is so unique. Have you sang Blue bayou? If not, please do!!!!❤

  • QUESTION ON MEDITATION: How do you find time to meditate? How did you start? What resources did you use to guide you in the process? Really wanting to begin a meditation ritual in the new year. (I could not grammatically make that into one question, lol).

  • How do you keep peace in your heart want you have lost,so much,but have gained a lot of good and love from it,but your still hurting?

  • How do you find the strength / what motivates you to stay on this path of soulful healing? You seem to fully live and breathe it and never steer off course. It’s really inspiring.

  • When you meditate, what oils/incense/scents do you use? Do you use different scents for different occasions (ie: preshow, morning routine, etc.) What would you encourage for a beginner? (Like me!!!)
    LovE Nina!

  • In days or times in your life where you are very stressed out, how do you find ways to stay positive?

  • What compells you to be so loving to people who don’t reciprocate the same? You have love for everyone even the haters. Why? How has your definition of “forgiveness” changed throughout the years? It seems over the last 2 years or so you’re more enlightened and don’t have a heavy heart. You love & forgive more openly. What has changed for you?

  • A friend recently gave me a crystal amethyst, and I quickly went to google to learn its meaning. The irony of him giving it to me on this particular day couldn’t escape me. I was questioning so many things in the days (and even that morning) leading up to it. I felt as if the universe was talking to me through it and giving me the answers I was seeking and the motivation I was missing. I believe in the magic and meaning more so than ever now. I feel THAT connection! So my question for you is when and what was your moment that you felt that magic/meaning/connection to the crystals you treasure?

    Many thanks & Merry Christmas!

  • You inspire so many people and we are in awe of how you live your life in such a positive way, thank you for that. Who are some of you’re biggest influences that help you maintain your outlook on life and help you to stay humble?

  • Hey, First I love you and you are so inspiring 🙂
    I would like to know what is your morning routine, and what is your favorite visualisation or meditation to be aligned?
    Before going to bed you do a list for gratitude. Do you do something else?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Aloha! I see that you always use crystals and sage? I have always been facinated with them. Is there a book you would recommend that would best explain how to use them?

  • With a new year coming up i would love to know if you have some goals for your mind/body/spirit and how you go about deciding what to focus on and how to stay to see through to achieve your goals. There are so many things i want to do in the new year to better myself and health (trying more yoga, experimenting with oils, cleaner eating) i am afraid of either taking on too much or not doing anything at all! Thank you for creating this amazing space on here!

  • What advice would you now give your young self about starting a music career? Would you choose differently?

  • Hi Leann, this blog is great! Thanks for offering to answer some questions.
    How to you get centered once you find yourself off balance/off center?

  • What drives you to keep on going (staying positive) when you’re having a bad day or you get bad news? And what things do you do to help you overcome this? Any tips for us? I try to stay positive at all times, but I fall short at times and find it hard in those times to pull myself back into the light. What advice or tips do you have for all of us who struggle to stay on the enlightened path of peace, love, forgiveness and acceptance? XX -E (Jefferson)

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